How to Taunt in Madden 23

How to Taunt in Madden 23: The majority of the time, the Madden franchise seems to be based on showboating and trash-talking. When no one from the opposing side is even close, there is nothing more satisfying than taking a few extra seconds to strut your way into the endzone. On the other hand, there is nothing more terrifying than having your opponent do the same to you.

With each new Madden release, the game’s taunting rules have evolved. Madden 23 is no exception. The process of trying to get your play to a high step along the sideline is different this year than it was last, as seasoned Madden gamers may have already noticed.

The button combinations for taunting are quite straightforward whether you’re using a controller to play on a console or computer. Regardless of the platform. You’re playing on, you use the same buttons; the names only vary.

How to Taunt in Madden 23
How to Taunt in Madden 23

Holding the L2, R2, and X buttons all at once when you have the ball allows you to taunt and rejoice if you’re a PlayStation player. By holding down LT, RT, and A, you can accomplish the same technique using an Xbox controller. Keep moving with the left stick when taunting, and avoid taunting while defenders are nearby. If you are being tackled while celebrating, you will almost certainly fumble the ball.

Additionally, when they are a few yards from the goal line, players can do a celebration dive into the end zone by pressing the dive button (square on the PlayStation 4 and X on the Xbox) and holding it down.

Taunt in Madden 23:

You can also make a taunt or a celebration by pressing a combination of buttons if you’re one of the select few players that choose to play Madden on a keyboard and mouse. To taunt on a PC, click with the left mouse button while holding down the left Shift. On consoles and PC, the same cautions and suggestions regarding taunting are applicable.

While Madden 23’s gameplay has undergone a significant revamp, one thing that everyone is curious about is how to taunt this game.

On all platforms, including current and next-generation devices, we’ll go over how you can execute taunts this year.

However, we’re going to demonstrate how to taunt in Madden 23 even though we wouldn’t necessarily advise it.

Being hit increases the likelihood that you may fumble the ball, therefore you must exercise caution when doing it.
You must simultaneously hold down the L2 and R2 triggers while pressing the X button to begin taunting or celebrating in Madden 23 on the PS4 and PS5.

Celebrate In Madden 23:

Keep that in mind when you play Madden 23 because this is a difficult one to complete because if you hit the X too soon, you’ll end up stiff-arming the air.

You’ll probably become more at ease as you play Madden 23 more, but timing is crucial while mocking and celebrating.
The main difference between playing Madden 23 on Xbox and PlayStation is that you’ll be holding down the “A” button while pushing the LT and RT buttons.

You’ll have to test them out to see what you get because it appears that different players in Madden 23 have different taunts and celebrations.
This year, there was a lot of expectation on Madden 23 to succeed on a number of fronts, but gameplay was unquestionably the main priority.

Madden 23:

In our review of Madden 23, we’ll look at which game modes and features stood out and which ones may have fans already anticipating the game’s release the following year.

Madden 23 is now accessible globally across all platforms following the Early Access and EA Play Trial launches.

The game’s official release date of August 19, 2022, represents a new chapter for the franchise as they attempt to advance while paying tribute to the memory of their namesake John Madden.

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