Chivalry 2 Anti Cheat Authentication Timed Out – Fix Now

Chivalry 2 Anti Cheat Authentication Timed Out: While occasionally there may be a server-side issue, the majority of Chivalry 2’s issues revolve around being unable to join a multiplayer game. Nevertheless, players can still attempt to find solutions.

The much awaited Chivalry 2, an amazing PvP mediaeval slaughter, is finally available! However, the launch is having some pretty annoying networking troubles. But don’t worry; this article will walk you through troubleshooting the most common Chivalry 2 issues and explain how to fix them.

The Log in Error and Matchmaking Failure are the most common and unpleasant errors, although we do have workable remedies for both, as detailed below Chivalry 2 Anti Cheat Authentication Timed Out.

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Chivalry 2 Anti Cheat Authentication Timed Out

Fix Error:

Many players run into the “Request Timed out or Null Response” login error when attempting to log into the game.

Two potential fixes for this problem include letting your computer restart and logging out of the Epic Game store. Once the machine has booted up, launch the game after signing back into your Epic Game store account. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to bypass the Log in Error and immediately access the lobby.

Reasonably speaking, the Login Issue is being caused by the game’s recent release, which is heavily on the servers. The overloaded servers will cause this problem on any platform.

Some Discord users claim that the aforementioned steps have helped them to fix the “Request Time out or Null Response” error that displays during the log-in process.

Timed Out Error:

To begin, first navigate to the place where Chivalry 2 is installed. If you’re unsure, right-click Chivalry 2 in the Steam library and choose Manage from the context menu to view local files. Doing so will lead you to the game folder.

Since the game was made available on Steam, other bugs have also surfaced. Players that start Chivalry 2 may run into problems with EasyAntiCheat’s AntiCheat Authentication, which is easily fixable.

After accessing the game’s folder, open the EasyAntiCheat folder, then right-click the EasyAntiCheatSetup file and select to launch it as administrator. If EasyAntiCheat isn’t already installed, the setup will put it there. If so, you should see an EAC repair option. Decide on the “Repair” link. Try launching the game again after the problem has been resolved.

attempt to manually search:

You could try manually searching for servers and choosing the ones with open slots. To do this, select the Server Browser option from the home screen. You can select a server that still has open places from a list of current servers that will be presented to you.

When entering matches, a pop-up error notice reading “We’re Having Trouble Right Now” will appear. Please give it another shot. This is unquestionably a result of the server’s capacity being limited due to the high demand for game play. Although it may seem impossible to repair from the player’s point of view, there are a number of solutions you can try to start playing Chivalry 2 immediately rather than waiting for the server.

Chivalry 2’s matchmaking issue might also be resolved by turning off Crossplay in the game tab’s options. The Crossplay option, which is at the bottom of the page, needs to be disabled.

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