How to get Building 21 Access Card DMZ Location Guide

How to get Building 21 Access Card DMZ Location Guide: When we talk about Red Hat Building 21, the very first thing that comes to mind is the secure location it provides to Raleigh’s citizens. It is a location that is secure and the chances of any intruders gaining entry are very slim. However, there are specific rules that a visitor has to follow if they wish to visit this building. This guide will clarify the steps that a visitor needs to follow to gain entry into this building.

How to get Building 21 Access Card DMZ Location Guide
How to get Building 21 Access Card DMZ Location Guide

A group of people is dropped onto an unforgiving battlefield in this Tarkov-like scenario, where missteps can send you back to the beginning of the entire looting process. Being stealthy is a sound and secure plan, yet playing bold and aggressively can sometimes be the most effective move. Players appear to enjoy the give-and-take nature of the DMZ.

Building 21 Access Card DMZ Location:

We have truly been duped by programmers at Raven Technologies & Infinity Ward! Everyone assumed that the enigmatic new Building 21 would be a new site on the main enormous map of Al Mazrah, Warzone 2, or DMZ. That’s not truly the case, though. Access to a biological research facility called Building 21 will lead players from outside Al Mazrah to a particularly perilous new region of the DMZ, according to the patch notes. Therefore, Building 21 is not a brand-new location in Al Mazrah. We will instead get to explore a completely new location.

You now know that Building 21 will have a brand-new map! You can opt to also be stationed along either Al Mazrah either here or from the menu bar, where it will be available for selection. Can only go to it, though, if you own the Building 21 Keycard. Let’s look at the location of Building 21 Keycard in the DMZ.

How to get Building 21 Access Card DMZ:

This item is official know as a “DRC Building 21 Access Card.” In order to enter the new map, you must first locate this object. No single location in Al Mazrah contains the key to Building 21. As a result, getting one will need a little amount of luck. Instead, it drops sporadically.

You’ll just have to wait for the big revelation. But there’s little chance of learning anything soon or at all, according to CharlieIntel. To avoid foreseeable CoD server failures. That would occur once its location was made public, the Warzone 2 DMZ creators probably kept their cards near their vests.

Every access card or key cannot be located at a certain location. In contrast, to those of those who are unaware. These keys can be located in a variety of ways that normally hold true regardless of the type of structure.

The access key to Building 21 is available in the following ways:

  • drop boxes and planes
  • Drop in boss supplies
  • Drops SAM Site


We hope you enjoyed our article on how to get Building 21 access card DMZ location guide. We hope that you’ll now be able to get to the DMZ with ease and not have to wait in line. If you have any other questions or concerns about getting access to the DMZ, please contact us anytime at the Official Panda. Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!

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