Tian Lang Tower Of Fantasy Release Date, Rewards and More

Tian Lang Tower Of Fantasy Release Date: A Simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy named Tian Lang has not yet achieved global distribution. Continue reading to find out more about Tian Lang’s rumoured release date, weapon, skins, and stats.

Tian Lang was made available as a Gacha Banner roughly 8 months after the CN version of Tower of Fantasy was published, and as of the time this article was being written, it was still an active banner. He has now been added to the CN version as the most recent Simulacrum.

Tian Lang Tower Of Fantasy Release Date
Tian Lang Tower Of Fantasy Release Date

Tian Lang might be issued much later if the CN order is followed. One can only speculate as to when he will appear, given that the Global Simulacrum have thus far been published in a different order.

When the weapon is completely charged, the subsequent strike will negate any buffs and do damage equal to 144.00% of ATK to targets while paralysing them for 1 second and electrifying them for 6 seconds. For the following six seconds, no buffs can be applied to targets.

Charge Reaction
Volt ATK should be increased by 20%, and volt resistance by 40%. Equip two or more volt weapons to activate. It is possible to use weapons in the off-hand slot with this set effect. Volt Resonance does not stack with the effect.

Tian Lang:

After the Tower of Fantasy pre-registration period, we finally have the Tian Lang Tower of Fantasy release date. There is a sizable open world in the game, which promotes exploring. You must adapt to this strange world if you want to survive, and what better way to achieve so than by exploring its architecture and landscapes.

Regarding the storyline, Tower of Fantasy is an anime-sci-fi hybrid with post-apocalyptic elements that is set hundreds of years in the future on the planet Aida. You could wonder why you are on a far-off planet. Your homeworld is now uninhabitable because humanity depleted the planet’s resources by using them all. You must learn to survive this world for the benefit of your people in order for humanity to once again flourish.

We now know that August 10, 2022 will mark the arrival of the Tower of Fantasy release date. Before the launch, be sure to read our Tower of Fantasy review to familiarise yourself with this brand-new realm of adventure.

Of course, there are a variety of characters in the game that you can use, each of whom has a special arsenal and fighting style. As a result, you have a good probability of succeeding no matter what circumstance you find yourself in. You don’t have to explore these enigmatic countries alone; you can just join forces with others.

Fortunately, pre-registering for Tower of Fantasy is easy, and there are several ways to do it.

How to Create Account Tower Of Fantasy:

To create an account in advance, visit the Tower of Fantasy website and enter your email. Both PC and mobile users can access this.

  • Buy in advance on the App Store
  • Sign up in advance on Google Play
  • Add this to your Steam wishlist.
  • On the Epic Games store, add items to your wishlist.
  • Participating in pre-registration through the official Tower of Fantasy Facebook and Twitter will also enter you to win some unique prizes. For a glimpse of the colorful, anime-inspired planet of Aida and what to anticipate on your epic adventure.

Are you unsure whether your computer or device can support the game? The Tower of Fantasy system requirements are all given below.

Requirements for Tower Of Fantasy:

Conditions for Tower of Fantasy on Android
Kirin 710/Snapdragon 660 as a minimum
Kirin 980/985/990/9000, Snapdragon 855/865/870/888, or Dimensity 800/1000 are all suggested processors.
Requirements for Tower of Fantasy on iOS Minimum: iPad Pro
Recommended: iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, or iPhone 13 mini. iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone SE second generation.

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