New World Error Code Unknown File Version

New World Error Code Unknown File Version: When one or more of the thousands of game files for New World are either missing or corrupted, the “Unknown File Version” problem frequently appears.

Your game files may disappear or become corrupt for a variety of causes, but they aren’t actually crucial. Restoring such files to their proper folders is crucial if you want to correctly start and connect to New World.

The ambitious MMO New World from Amazon Game Studios is similar to many other games in that it’s a game and it exists, therefore dealing with its many problems and issues is a given.

Being an always-online, live-service MMO increases the likelihood and frequency of faults compared to other games, but we’ll still fix them and get you back into the never-ending struggle for digital territory.

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New World Error Code Unknown File Version

How To Fix The New World Error Of Unknown File Version:

The “Unknown File Version” problem typically manifests when one or more of the thousands of game files for New World are either missing or corrupted.

For a variety of reasons, your game files could disappear or become corrupt, although they aren’t actually necessary. If you want to start and connect to New World properly, you must restore such files to their correct folders.

When some time, Steam will automatically download any corrupted or missing files for you after your New World files have finished scanning and verifying. Once it’s finished, leave the Properties menu and attempt to launch New World to determine if the problem has been fix.

Authenticity Of The Game Files:

Your system has to have authentic game files. This is how the server connects you to the game and monitors your performance. Since the game server is limited in storage, part of your data, including your progress in the game and launching information, is kept offline in the form of game files.

The server may struggle to re-enter you into the game if some of these files disappear or become corrupt for whatever reason. Here are the methods for verifying the legitimacy of the game files and, if necessary, replacing them with new ones.

Then reinstall the game after uninstalling it:

There is a chance that the Steam scan for the game files’ integrity was insufficient. You may still experience issues with the game.

In this situation, you might try uninstalling and then reinstalling the game to completely remove any missing game files that were not fixed and download updated versions of those files.

The error code in the game may be cause by a temporary issue with the device you are using. You could try restarting your gadget to see if the problem still exists. If you have another device that you can use to log in. You can also switch to it to verify if the error code is present there. If not, the old device had a problem.


The problem with the game files is evident from the error code for New World. We made an effort to think of every alternative for this. I hope this article was helpful. For additional tips on technology and games, keep reading.
Have fun playing!

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