Huge changes coming to GTA 5 Online in the December 2022

GTA 5 online December 2022 DLC update: December 2022 is when a sizable DLC update for Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online is anticipated. The winter update for this year’s Call of Duty. Black Ops III is anticipated to release in the third week of this month. Rockstar Games releases two significant DLCs for the game’s online multiplayer mode each year.

Data miners and informants for Rockstar have disclosed a number of upcoming game features. Though the gaming company has not yet confirmed the rumours. All update-related information currently known in GTA Online is covered in this article.

Huge changes coming to GTA 5 Online
Huge changes coming to GTA 5 Online

The upcoming DLC was mentioned in a tweet from GTABase on November 13, 2022. A well-known Grand Theft Auto game news source. The website states that the following update will be a title update with patch number 1.64 and is anticipated to be made available on December 13 of this year.

Up until December 12, 2022, the current Heists Event and GTA+ perks are still available, and many players anticipate new Rockstar content after that date.

The PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC will largely be supported by the update. The DLC update is also anticipated for systems from the previous generation, including the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Nevertheless, it’s probable that this is the last significant update for old-generation consoles because Rockstar Games might just concentrate on next-generation platforms in the future.

DLC update:

The multiplayer debut of Michael De Santa from GTA 5 Story Mode is anticipated to be part of the update. The figure has received numerous in-game references over the past year, and data miners have located a potential spawn point in the game’s files that has a pedestrian model called “movie set.”

There are rumours that Michael will be bringing in a new heist assignment that involves him. His in-game persona will revolve on the film business, and his heist will do the same.

According to Tez2. A well-known source for Rockstar Games. GTA Online will let users record their own music inside the game. The parent business of the gaming company. Take-Two Interactive has already registered the domain name “” for the new music mixer that the company is developing, “Rapponator.”

With this cutting-edge feature. Players will be able to make their own beats and mixes in the game. With Rapponator, it is rumoured that Rockstar will be working with specific musicians to create the game’s musical scores, similar to how Dr. Dre, a well-known rapper and producer, made his in-game debut in last year’s Contract DLC.

GTA DLC Update:

A number of brand-new cars are anticipated to be included in the forthcoming DLC. The launch of Hao’s Special Works Auto Shop for next-generation consoles will allow players to expect the availability of brand-new cars for HSW Upgrades.

Additionally, the community expects general upgrades and bug fixes. This is probably accurate for consoles from the last generation, as the Criminal Enterprises DLC update made the game all but unplayable on such systems.

The next significant update for the hugely well-liked sandbox game from Rockstar Games is called the GTA Online Winter Update. We’re not referring to the holiday upgrade known as “Festive Surprise,” to clear up any misunderstandings. No, we’re talking about the game’s upcoming, significant expansion, which last time took the form of “The Criminal Enterprises.”

GTA 5 Changes:

We anticipate big things from the 2022 Winter Update to GTA Online because these large expansions often provide a plethora of new material. And since the most recent update was more of a massive tidy-up of GTA Online’s pre-existing content.

We believe Rockstar Games will continue to release new content at its customary pace even though we are aware that they are working diligently on GTA 6.

This suggests that two expansions every year should be the minimum that we can anticipate. Since the beginning of 2019. When content delivery started to slow down, that has typically been the case.

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