League of Legends: Grand Entrance LOL

Grand Entrance LOL: The champion of support is Rakan. With his strong crowd-control skills and fast agility, he excels at engaging and exciting. Rakan has a fantastic level 3 power spike that allows him to use Grand Entrance to rush in and Battle Dance to protect a teammate before bursting out. Rakan makes use of this flexibility in the late game to rally a formidable team against The Quickness to win. Rakan’s passive and Battle Dance is improved when he is teamed with Xayah in the bot lane. At any time, you can recall with Xayah, and if you shield her, she gains a greater shield than the rest of your team. Rakan and Xayah are the ideal bot lane pairing as a result.

Rakan excels at using tank/support items that can keep him alive as he uses his crowd control to engage adversaries. This first item for Rakan, Rod of Ages, is pretty nice. Rakan gains a significant amount of health, mana, and ability power from this item, all of which are crucial stats for him to have in order to be a tank and deal more damage. Rakan’s damage is lessened by Rabadon’s Deathcap, a fantastic item for Ability Power, and his allies receive more shielding from his abilities as a result.

Grand Entrance LOL
Grand Entrance LOL

Grand Entrance Rakan LOL:

Rakan can suffer early on, especially at level 1, against ranged champions. The ideal course of action is to remain secure at level 1, and when you reach levels 2 or 3, you can utilise Grand Entrance on the adversaries to attempt and score a nice trade or possibly even an early kill. Once you obtain The Quickness and reach level 5, you can engage at any time (just make sure your team is ready to go in with you). Due to his outstanding crowd control, Rakan also has a high potential for roaming. You can go to the mid-lane to support your team by attempting to gain an advantage over or perhaps even kill the opposing mid-laner.

Staying with your team is crucial for a supporter! Your task is to try to get your team organised for a significant 5 vs. 5 team battle; this is where you excel. Your team can follow up and kill everyone if you manage to start a massive combo on the opposing team or a significant target. The best course of action is for you to continue using your AD Carry if this is not possible. Keeping your AD Carry alive is crucial because she or he is one of your team’s main damage producers. Keep your AD alive by using your Battle Dance and Gleaming Quill’s healing.

Grand Entrance Storyline:

Rakan. A notorious vastayan troublemaker and the best battle dancer in Lhotlan tribal history. It is as mercurial as he is endearing. His name has long been connected to wild celebrations, unrestrained revelries, and chaotic music among the people of the Ionian highlands. Few people would guess that this upbeat, on-the-go showman is also Xayah, the rebel, and is committed to her cause.

Even during fight, Rakan’s coat occasionally produces a shield. Attacking a rival champion will shorten the cooldown for this ability for Rakan.

An enchanted feather is launched forth by Rakan. Rakan’s cloak erupts with magic if it connects with an enemy champ or epic monster and deals damage. After a brief interval, a healing begins to take effect near Rakan. If Rakan touches an ally, the healing begins to work right away.

Rakan jumps forward and lands (stylishly) where he needs to be. After a brief dramatic pause, he launches into the air and knocks down opponents in his immediate vicinity.

Rakan rushes to an ally’s defence, keeping them safe. For a short while after, he can cast Battle Dance once more, even on the same target. He rushes to Xayah’s defence from a greater distance if she is the intended victim.

Rakan starts to sprint, enthralling both his audience and his cloak. The charms and wounds any opponents he touches when The Quickness is active (works once per champ). He receives a significant boost in movement speed from the first champion he touches.

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