Hatsuchiri Neural Cloud Character Review – Complete Details

Hatsuchiri Neural Cloud: Elon Thomas, the CEO of Svarog Heavy Industries, personally participated in the engineering design process for ME78. In July 2056, she began working for Svarog Heavy Industries, where she was a member of the core engineering division. She participated in numerous cutting-edge research and development projects, such as enhancements to Thomas’s “Noah Reactor,” a new energy source, engineering support for Collapse Fluid energy generation technology R&D, and many others.

ME78 joined the initial group of Doll test subjects who travelled to 42Lab to participate in Project “Neural Cloud” after Svarog Heavy Industries and 42Lab inked a partnership agreement for it in January 2058.

Hatsuchiri Neural Cloud
Hatsuchiri Neural Cloud

Svarog Heavy Industries created Gaul, a Special Forces Doll. They were given a sniper crossbow, cutting-edge optics, optical camouflage, and many other pieces of cutting-edge gear before being discharged. With these improvements. They are now ideally suited for disguising themselves in the surroundings and conducting long-range strikes. Killing VIPs, and gathering intelligence. Gaul participated in the ground forces of the Eastern European Union Defense Army and completed several secret operations largely successfully. With the exception of the last one.

Neural Cloud:

He was given the nickname “White Ghost” for successfully completing numerous military operations with this unit on the battlefield. After that. The unit sent him back to Svarog Heavy Industries with the explanation that “programming errors rendered him unsuited for extended warfare.” Later, Svarog Heavy Industries assigned him to serve as a test subject for Project Neural Cloud.

The 42Lab H-01 is a network data technology researcher doll. In contrast to conventional Autonomous Dolls. H-01, who is outfitted with a tonne of cutting-edge technology from 42Lab. It has some of the best data processing and computing skills in the world in addition to the ability to briefly upload her consciousness onto numerous gadgets.

Data security research is handled by Antonina. Who works in the network security division of 42Lab. She is in charge of securing the company’s network security holes, building virtual network defences, and thwarting and locating hackers who have unauthorised access to other networks. She has also participated in a number of 42Lab’s top-secret projects as a high-level network security engineer, such as the creation of the “Sanctifier” network security system.

42Lab set up her participation in Project Neural Cloud after it started, considering her a crucial insurance.

Hatsuchiri Neural Cloud Character

After the War was over, the scientific community once more turned its attention to studying relic sites. To fill this void, the EG 4.0 model Expedition Guardian Doll was created. And each of them has assistant researcher-level expertise in their particular fields of expertise.

This model was created especially for scientific explorations in hostile areas. Its primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of various science expeditions. In the field and to support professional staff as needed by carrying out duties that call for some level of specialised knowledge. They have received praise from all kinds of scientific expeditions. Especially for their unwavering and dependable qualities as well as their benevolent and considerate attitudes.

The EG 4.0 is equipped with close-combat weapons of military calibre. Such as the transformable high-frequency blade Alsvir and the high-energy taser blade rvakr. Which raises the EG 4.0’s close-combat performance to that of military dolls and completely exemplifies the technological prowess of 42Lab.

Hatsuchiri Neural Cloud:

EG 4.0 has been added to the initial group of “Project Neural Cloud” participants as one of 42Lab’s internal Dolls.

With a primary concentration on AI research, the Persicaria series of Dolls was created as a special private research Doll based on Professor Persica, the creator of the 42Lab subsidiary 16Lab. Persicaria is not only a researcher in this field but also a test subject and an observer.

Due to the special interaction between dolls and AI, dolls who study the topic frequently become cognitively confused on both a physical and mental level and enter a recursive loop of thought. Persicaria was fitted with a distinct data buffer section to address this issue.

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