Callisto Protocol Sluttering, Lag &; FPS Issue, Fix It All!

Callisto Protocol Sluttering: Not a good news for all the PC users because of Callisto protocol sluttering. As we all know that krafton recently released the Callisto Protocol. But there is huge Callisto protocol sluttering, lag and FPS Drop issue is going on.

I bet many of you are suffering from this Callisto protocol sluttering issue. To fix the Callisto protocol sluttering, lag and FPS Drop issue, we are here. We will provide you a guide to fix the problem.

Callisto Protocol Stuttering

What Is The Reason Of Callisto Protocol Sluttering Issue?

The Callisto Protocol is stuttering on your computer for the following reasons. Inadequate gaming resources are among the most frequent causes of stuttering in games. This includes having a CPU, GPU, or RAM that isn’t powerful enough.

Games with poor optimization, or games that haven’t had any updates in a while, can stutter and run poorly. This holds true for the Callisto Protocol Sluttering. Your game may slow if you have too many open programmes on your computer.

Insufficient ventilation and excessive use of a component can both result in overheating. Callisto protocol Stuttering or, worse still, crashes, may result from this.

How To Fix Callisto Protocol Sluttering In Windows 11?

Microsoft has included a new feature called Core Isolation to Windows 11 to protect your PC from faulty drivers and apps. The compromise is performance. However, this won’t be an issue for individuals who don’t download anything from questionable sites.

  • Here’s how to make it inoperative:
  • Select settings by pressing the Start Menu button.
  • Select Windows Security > Device Security under Privacy and Security.
  • To learn more about it, see Core Isolation Details.
  • On the next screen, deselect the “Memory Integrity” option button.
  • As a result, Windows 11’s VBS is now disabled. Many users have mentioned how this significantly improves performance for various games. Immediately, we’re talking about frame rate increases of 20–30.

Another Way To Fix The Callisto Protocols Sluttering Issue :-

To solve the Callisto Protocol Sluttering Issue, do check the Integrity of Game Files.

  • Launch Steam after going to the library.
  • Right-clicking the Callisto Protocol will allow you to select “Properties” from the drop-down menu.
  • select Local Files.
  • Select Check the Game Files’ Integrity.
  • Start the game after the scan is finished, and you shouldn’t experience any stuttering or lags while playing.

How To Fix FPS Drop Issue ?

Even if the players’ systems have excellent hardware setups. The game still has serious stuttering problems when being played. Fortunately, there are a few solutions you can try to resolve this problem.

There is all probable fixes for the Callisto Protocol stuttering, lag, and FPS Drop problem in the below paragraph.

  • Change the graphic settings.
  • Adjust the setting by going to the Main Menu and selecting Graphics.
  • Put FPS cap to 120.
  • FSR 2, with Performance chosen for Quality Mode.
  • This can be found in the Advanced >> Upscaling > AMD FSR 2 section.
  • Turn Motion Blue to Off.
  • Turn Depth of Field to Off.
  • Update your GPU.

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