Rocket League Season 9 Rocket Pass – Complete Details

Rocket League Season 9 rocket pass: Dragons may own the skies above, but another kind of animal rules the Arena. The Emperor muscle car. Which has four variations. It is a product of the elements and is now available in Rocket League. Rocket Pass Premium immediately makes the base vehicle available. And advancing through the Tiers will make the upgraded Emperor II available.

There will be two additional Special Edition versions available in the Pro Tiers. Your sweatiest matches will be made more enjoyable by Emperor II: Frozen. Or you can ignite the Arena with Emperor II: Scorched. All versions of Emperor are included in Rocket Pass Premium and will use the Breakout Hitbox. You’ll need a few accessories once you’ve gotten your new car. Constella Decal. Which was inspired by constellations. It will leave fans of the Interstellar Decal in awe, and two sets of Special Edition Wheels maintain the fire and ice motif. Equip the Forerunner: Roasted Wheels for your next barn burner or the Piercer: Crystalized Wheels to freeze out the opposition.

Rocket League Season 9 Rocket Pass
Rocket League Season 9 Rocket Pass

Season 9 Rocket Pass Rewards:

Haven’t received your 2017 Dragon Banner Season Rewards yet? The Ice Drake and Fire Drake Player Banners will provide you with an additional opportunity to indulge your draconic nature.

Two new Goal Explosions are available to those who enter the Rocket Pass Pro Tiers. At Tier 95, you can unlock the Brimstone Goal Explosion to unleash the fury of fire, or at Tier 115, you can unlock the Ice Age Goal Explosion to freeze the earth. But that’s only the beginning; similar to Season 5’s Cosmosis Goal Explosion, each of these effects will quickly cover the field in fire or ice after you score.

The tournament rewards for this season are incredibly hot. With the Seared Path and Fireball Boost, you may leave a fiery trail in your wake. The Oil Can Antenna has all the fuel you could possibly need, but first, you’ll need something to burn.

This Season’s Black Market Rewards for the genuinely fortunate bring out the competitive side of things. With the dynamic decal Skulking Scale, which combines sparkling crystal with dragon scales, you can summon something terrible or light up the night with a fiery Fire Clap Goal Explosion.

Season 9 Rocket Pass Tournament:

When you reach Tier 70, you’ll start receiving Pro Tier Rewards, such as two additional iterations of the current season’s Rocket Pass Car. Emperor II: Frozen is a true ice queen, whereas Emperor II: Scorched is constantly on the verge of blowing up. There is a Goal Explosion to go with every temperature, no matter what you choose. The Brimstone and Ice Age Goal Explosions will cover the Arena in a blanket of frost or fire, similar to Season 5’s Cosmosis Goal Explosion.

Rocket League’s Season 8 introduced realistic grime. But Season 9 explores the world of magic. In the Forbidden Temple Arena. Ancient dragons rule while the Emperor Car and Rocket Pass Rewards harness the power of fire and ice. Season 9 begins on December 7. So unleash the elements. The Forbidden Temple, where Season 9 begins, is not the same Arena as before. This Fire & Ice Arena Variant has icy waterfalls, lava rivers, and mythical creatures that give it a mystical feel. As per usual, this new Arena will dominate the home screen for the duration of Season 9, lighting up your Garage.

The king of automobiles is making an appearance in Rocket League, built with the same sorcery that produced the dragons of the Temple. Meet Emperor, a sports automobile with a Breakout Hitbox and a fearsome beak. Although the base vehicle is immediately accessible with Rocket Pass Premium, the enhanced Emperor II can be unlocked by progressing through the Tiers.

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