NBA 2k23 Patch Notes 3.0 Update 2022

The most recent NBA 2k23 Patch Notes 3.0 Update 2022 include everything new to the popular video game with the new version. The update, which was launched on Monday, November 28, introduced various gameplay modifications.

2K Sports is preparing everything for the release of NBA 2K23 Season 3 on Friday, December 2. Mike Wang, NBA 2K’s Gameplay Director, posted patch 1.08 notes on Reddit, showing everything that has been added to the video game. It should be noted that these NBA 2K23 patch notes only apply to new generation consoles. Patch notes for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be accessible not long from now.

NBA 2k23 Patch Notes 3.0 Update

NBA 2k23 Patch Notes 3.0 Update 2022

The NBA 2K23 development team has solved an issue that was preventing custom difficulty levels from working correctly with the current patch. Putbacks will be more common in the future, as their frequency has been raised. 2K Sports has prohibited the use of adrenaline boosts when racing off-ball on offensive, allowing players to preserve their adrenaline. Furthermore, the new patch has changed the logic for body-up animations.

2K has also enhanced the performance and stability of “The City,” as well as rectified an issue that caused players to disconnect at random. When it comes to Pro-Am, squad members will exit this game mode together in Walk-On games. The Pro-Am menu has also received cosmetic enhancements.

The 1.08 NBA 2K23 patch has also had an impact on the MyCareer mode. This mode hasn’t gained any new content with the update, but 2K Sports has rectified a number of flaws, including improper quest tracking and XP progress meter difficulties. Several active players, like Paolo Banchero, Jimmy Butler, and Nic Claxton, have received new looks in the update. Maurice Cheeks and Jayson Williams, two historic players, have also been upgraded.

NBA 2K23 MyTeam changes

NBA 2k23 Patch Notes 3.0 Update 2022

The 1.08 update included significant modifications to MyTeam. 2K Sports has made several changes to all of the modes and menus in this game mode, as well as repaired numerous issues. You might be interested in these books: Where can I get NBA 2K locker codes? All that you want to be aware of: Because of serious patterns, Position Lock has been crippled in Limitless, GameDay, and Competition modes. In other game modes, the lock remains active.

All badges in the upgrades list are now displayed in the Evolution menu, and players may replace badges on player cards without having the higher tier of the badge. In terms of bug improvements, 2K Sports addressed a problem with camera tracking in all Triple Threat scenarios. Moreover, the advancement group tended to freeze issues as well as the Plan Tracker not appropriately showing progress.

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