New World Azoth Tinged Fish – Complete Details

New World Azoth-Tinged Fish: A side mission in New World called Azoth-Tinged Fish occurs in Edengrove. In order to gain more experience and rewards, the player can do side quests, but they are not necessary to advance the plot. The storylines of Side Quests can, however, also advance independently and have an impact on other game mechanics.

New World Azoth Tinged Fish
New World Azoth Tinged Fish

This article offers detailed instructions on how to complete the Azoth-Tinged Fish quest, including with information on the quest’s associated NPCs, goals, rewards, and other specifics.

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Guide for the New World Azoth-Tipped Fish Quest:

Azoth-Tinged Fish is a link in the chain of fishing quests, which also includes unique side quests centred on the fish trading skill. Each quest demands that the player carry out a catching fish job and also acts as a gentle introduction to several fishing mechanics, including bait, fish sizes and frequency, hotspots, and more. The quest chain consists of 15 quests, and as well as other benefits, each one awards a piece of fishing equipment.

New World Azoth Tinged Fish
New World Azoth Tinged Fish
  • Before the next quest can be unlocked, each one must be finished in order.
  • The 4 Epic Fishing Poles can only be obtained by completing this task chain at the moment.
  • Although there are no more level restrictions and you can start the quest chain as soon as Character Level 3, you will be traveling some of the greater Territories, and going there at a lower level can be dangerous. Take your time with these missions because the equipment you receive has level requirements to be able to utilise it.
  • For more details, go to the fishing page.

Quest for Azoth-Tinged Fish Obtainable:

You can do the following to get the Azoth-Tinged Fish Quest:

Speak with Conor Evans, who can be located in the sizable lake near the Origin of Maliciousness in the heart of Edengrove.

Additional Conditions:

Complete Soulwarden Meals, the first task in the chain.

Guide to Azoth-Tinged Fish:

Master Fisher Bernhard in Shattered Mountain will accept an Azoth-Tinged Fish that Master Fisher Davies procures in Edengrove and delivers.

Goal: Land an Azoth-Tinged fish.

This fish is really rare, so you’ll need to use the best equipment and bait (Firefly). If you do have Fishing at Degree 56, a 1-Star Hotspot inside the sizable body of water north of the Malevolence can give you a rarity boost. The likelihood of capturing an Azoth-Tinged fish improves significantly when fishing near an Azoth pool.

How to Catch Azoth-Tinged Fish:

There are 15 separate tasks in the fishing quest line, the majority of them require you to catch particular fish. If you enjoy fishing, it seems like a pain, but it’s worth it because finishing all 15 tasks will get you a Rare Pole Reward Package.

New World Azoth Tinged Fish

The quest line’s 12th assignment, Azoth-Tinged Fish, is provided to you by Brendan Evans in Edengrove. You must have finished Soulwarden Rations, the preceding quest inside the chain, in order to receive this one.

When you get in Shattered Mountains, Rory will urge me to catch an Azoth-Tinged Trout and bring it to Konrad Bernard. You can capture these fish right there in the waters beside Rory. According to the quest, but you may not have much luck doing so.

Find a popular fishing place close by instead for a better chance of success. This area is where a 1-star hotspot can be found, and it frequently spawns close to Rory:

This particular hotspot need not be used, however it is the one is typically active. Almost any hotspot with one star will do. Even at the hotspot, if you’re still having problems catching the Azoth-Tinged Fish. We advise increasing up your fishing skills or using some bait.

This completes our overview of the best places in the New World to catch azoth-tinged fish. Please share any further advice or queries you may have regarding this quest in the comments section below.

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