Chivalry 2 Winter War Patch 2.7 new Features and More

Chivalry 2 Winter War Patch 2.7 new Features and More: It’s time for update 2.7! A new TO map called Stronghold, a new Quarterstaff weapon, a new player progression path called “Campaigns,” the Gladiator Bundle, and more are all included in the Winter War content update. For all the information, continue reading.

Chivalry 2 is thrilled to offer gamers the Campaign Passes for the first time. As they play, players can accomplish tasks to gain in-game prizes like money and armoury items. You can collect rewards from the Winter War Campaign Pass at your own speed because it has no time restriction.

Free currency and armoury items can be unlocked by playing the Winter War Campaign Pass, or you can upgrade to unlock premium rewards. For 1000 Crowns, players can purchase the Winter War Premium Campaign Pass in-game.

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Chivalry 2 Winter War Patch 2.7 new Features and More


The Quarterstaff is back in Chivalry 2 after being completely redesigned! This weapon, made specifically for the Crusader class, includes slow mid-long range stabs and overheads in addition to rapid short range slash attacks. Additionally, it has a special strike that is special and can cut through opponents Chivalry 2 Winter War Patch 2.7 new Features and More. It is also more effective at blocking, which means less stamina is used during blocks. Compared to other weapons, it will take a little more work to disarm the user!

Three customization options are available for this weapon: Combat Grip, The Priest, and Fruit of Bridgetown.

The Attack on Thayic Stronghold on the New Map:

The final fortress of Argon II is attacked by Mason forces after they land on the coast of the Agathian heartland. Playable in the limited-time: Winter War queue is the new Stronghold map.

The Agathians are surrounded in their northern stronghold by the Masons. The Mason Order follows the aged King’s single directive to murder Agatha’s self-declared commander and put an end to the revolt in the freezing winter. However, the Agathian Knights are now more unified than ever.

The blue and gold are as brilliant as King Argon the Second’s armour under the Cross and Lion banners. “Fight for Agatha,” yells Argon II like the brisk wind of the land.

Masons are given the mission on this map to occupy Thayic Stronghold and assassinate Argon II. However, it won’t be simple. The Masons must scale the walls, lower the drawbridge at the main fort, and seize the courtyard directly in front of Argon’s door because the shoreline is heavily fortified with artillery.

Defenders must prevent the Masons from achieving each of these goals by acting as the Agathian Knights Chivalry 2 Winter War Patch 2.7 new Features and More. If they do, the player with the highest score will take on the role of the VIP and lead the charge to reverse the battle’s momentum.

Horse spawns can be found in the map itself and are featured in some objectives. The map is playable in the 64 Player Mixed Modes queue as well as the 40 Player Mixed Modes queue, the limited time Winter War queue, the Training Grounds queue, and the Mounted Warfare queue. The equivalent servers in Standalone Servers will also have it.


  • Fixed a bug where, occasionally, ragdolls would fall across the battlefield following a projectile death animation.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to fall to the ground after tossing their weapon while jumping and crouching.
  • crossbow’s inconsistent animations while riding a horse have been fixed.


  • For Campaigns, UI modifications and additions were developed.
  • change the distance at which interactable items are highlighted when directly viewed.
  • The Heavy Attack input bar would sometimes linger after being halted by an attack; this problem has been fixed.
  • Riposte and Counter messages are now only visible while the active parry window is open.

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