Tower Of Fantasy Prism Pillar

Tower Of Fantasy Prism Pillar: Who doesn’t enjoy it when a game gets updated and gets new enemies, prizes, and challenges? In addition to another Simulacra making her debut.

There are lots of monsters for us to take down so that she can test out her new weapon. In order to learn everything there is to know about Tower of Fantasy Confounding Abyss, check out this guide.

The most recent update, Confounding Abyss, was made available on November 22. Under Mirroria in Vera, there lies a region known as the Confounding Abyss, which Wanderers can explore to their hearts’ content. However, you will come across a variety of hazardous lifeforms as you descend further into the Abyss.

You can also unlock Lin, a new SSR Simulacra, when the Tower of Fantasy 2.1 update: Confounding Abyss is released. Lin uses the Shadow Weaver weapon. The Aberration Element is used for the first time in this weapon type, and Lin’s mid-range attack style enables you to attack your target while remaining in a secure location.

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Tower Of Fantasy Prism Pillar

Confounding Labyrinth’s 2.1 update:

The 2.1 update for Confounding Labyrinth will be made available on November 22. Confounding Abyss, a brand-new level with a tonne of challenging adversaries, fascinating challenges, and the powerful Lin’s new simulacrum, will be included.

The Confounding Abyss, lying beneath Mirroria, contains the remains of the Third City, which are full of varied topography and endless difficulties. As they progress deeper, players may encounter potentially dangerous living forms.

The Confounding Abyss’ influence has resulted in the evolution of these brand-new, formidable enemies, who will pose entirely new challenges. As usual in Tower of Fantasy, special exploration goodies are waiting for players who succeed.

The update also contains information about Lin, the most current imitation character. She is the founder of Mirroria’s only child and was raised to be his successor. The people of Mirroria have already embraced Lin as their leader, despite the fact that she has not yet been legally chosen.

Lin exudes strength and prefers to fight in front-line battle with great success because he has received extensive combat training since he was a small child. Lin’s strength primarily comes from her capacity for change.

In Tower of Fantasy, each simulacrum possesses a unique element, such as Saki Fuwa’s frost and Ruby’s flame. How these elements are split up determines the player strategy.

Prism Pillar:

Under the vast tunnels of the ruinous structures left behind by an unidentified civilisation, The Abyss is full of dangerous hazards. The wavering light can only dimly make out the remnants of the past and the mysteries that lie within.

As they descend farther and further into the Confounding Abyss, players will encounter a variety of terrifying lifeforms. These fearsome enemies will present entirely new challenges because of the Confounding Abyss’ effects on some species. One horrifying example is Crystal Hoof, a creature whose solid. Rock-like body was created when Culton’s body merged with a mysterious crystal.

Confounding Labyrinth’s recently published teaser gave players a quick look into Confounding Abyss’ underground world; today, further details are being revealed about its numerous terrain types and beautiful vistas, including the remains of an undiscovered Civilisation.

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