Destiny 2 New Saint 14 And Osiris

Destiny 2 New Saint 14 And Osiris: The plots of Destiny 2 are frequently told through the game’s seasons and expansions, but after players study the mythology behind the characters, settings, and even the monsters, all of the stories become much more comprehensible.

There is a pretty large macrocosmos that goes well beyond the Traveler’s Light and the Pyramids’ Darkness, or the Gardener and the Winnower, that is told through in-game quests and activities.

Seasonal tales in Destiny 2’s Year 4 were among the greatest, in part because they offered a deeper story of deception and illusions while standing alone and being incredibly fascinating.

Savathun was expertly developed as one of the most formidable and crafty characters in the whole Destiny 2 universe during the Beyond Light era, and in Season of the Lost, players learned that she had been passing herself off as the famous Warlock Osiris for for a full year.

Osiris lost his Light with the passing of his Ghost Sagira, and before being imprisoned by Savathun, Saint-14, his partner and lover, tried to help him get through a difficult time without realising that the Witch Queen was the one controlling everything.

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Destiny 2 New Saint 14 And Osiris

Destiny 2: The Story of Saint-14 and Osiris

The convolute relationship between Saint-14 and Osiris is reveal in the Curse of Osiris expansion, when players of Destiny 2 also encounter Saint-14’s grave in the Infinite Forest.

Since then, a lot has change. In Season of Dawn, Osiris gave the order for the Guardians to utilise the Sundial to raise his lover from the dead, creating the ideal paradox because his death was both necessary and inevitable while also being avoid by meddle with timelines.

Saint-14 was killed in the Infinite Forest after being tasked by his father figure, the Speaker, to go there and prevent Osiris from upsetting the Vex. Despite having just finished the war, the Titan went there right away.

While it’s never stated officially, it’s quite possible that the Speaker picked his so-called son for the assignment since he was the one who knew Osiris the best and could reason with him, as is further explained in a lore post titled Legend: Saint-14.

But even after Osiris was able to bring him back to life, circumstances altered once more as a result of the Moon’s events with the Hive and Xivu Arath’s High Celebrant. As a result, the two never crossed paths. Prior to Sagira’s sacrifice, the Titan and the Warlock were a formidable power combination. When Savathun began to impersonate Osiris, Saint assumed that Osiris was simply being distant and aloof as a result of the trauma.

Saint-14 wanted Osiris to run Trials once more following his return, but the Warlock’s gelid response to just cancel it if necessary is evidence of how their relationship stood at the time.

The Titan feels like one of Osiris’ experiments, much like the Trials themselves. As Saint-14 confesses his sentiments, the gap between the two widens even further.

The events that both of them went through are likely to still have deep scars. Even though Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost reveal that the real Osiris last seen on the Moon. That everything that happened between him and Saint-14 in the interim was not real. The Titan has since been searching tirelessly for his partner.

Osiris and Saint’s Relationship in Destiny 2 Advances:

Savathun was reveal in the Season of the Lost concept and acknowledge holding Osiris captive. But alive, in a hidden location, and that she would release him. The Last City if players helped her get rid of her Worm.

It is highly possible that the real Osiris will be barely hanging on. Remaining Lightless as a result of Sagira’s sacrifice. He will have also suffered from incarceration for more than a year. If Savathun actually fulfils her vow in the epilogue of Season of the Lost.

However, Saint has been misle and distanced by Osiris. Even though it was someone who wasn’t his true lover. This could have an impact on how their relationship develops in the future.


The couple will undoubtedly go through hardships but yet succeed if Osiris is actually alive. Is reunite with Saint before or during the events of The Witch Queen. Overall, love isn’t necessarily a theme that permeates Destiny 2’s universe and stories to such a great extent. Which is why Osiris and Saint’s share narrative never given much attention prior to this year.

However, now that it is, many fans want the couple. Who go by the moniker “space uncles,” to have some well-deserved bliss. Things will be significantly different if Osiris is indeed dead. But let’s hope Saint does not have to go through anything similar and that Sagira’s death was not in vain.

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