Scuffed Rocked League

Scuffed Rocked League: Rocket League is a fast-paced, high-speed game that requires quick movement and turning while boosting and powersliding. Gain the advantage of having more flexibility to change directions while performing the necessary tasks without sacrificing your movement and aim with SCUF’s paddles.

Learn how to operate the paddle control system first: the two exterior paddles first. Jump is the default mapping for the left outer paddle (X on PS4, A on Xbox), and Boost is the default mapping for the right outer paddle (O on PS4, B on Xbox). When playing, practise using solely the paddles for these purposes and pay no attention to their face buttons Scuffed Rocked League.

The IMPACT and Vantage 2 for PS4 and the Prestige for Xbox One each have four paddles available, in contrast to the SCUF Infinity4PS PRO for PS4’s two paddles. You can use more of your hand to complete all of your important tasks while steering and targeting if there are more Paddles accessible.

You may now powerslide and do aerials while using your right thumb to steer the vehicle. By default, the inner right paddle is set to Focus on Ball while the inner left paddle is set to Air Roll/Powerslide (Square on PS4 and X on Xbox) (Triangle on PS4, Y on Xbox).

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Scuffed Rocked League

Step Two: The Inner Paddles

Repetition of the previous procedure with the addition of one of the inner two paddles. As soon as you feel comfortable utilising all of the paddles in place of the facebuttons, ignore their face buttons.

It can take up to two weeks of consistent use to get use to them. When changing directions frequently, boost, powerslide, jump, and focus on the ball while keeping your thumb on the thumbstick to maintain sight of the ball Scuffed Rocked League.

Step Three: Configuring the Paddles

You can now remap to other playstyles once you’ve mastered the paddles. To drift more easily, for instance, you can select Air Roll/Powerslide (Square on PS4, X on Xbox) on the outside left to complement Boost on the right.

Use our EMR Mag Key to remap the paddles (or, if you have a SCUF Vantage 2, simply move the remapping switch into remapping mode). To assign a button to your paddle, press and hold it. Once you’re done, delete the EMR key (or, on SCUF Vantage, put the remap switch back into play mode) and you’re good to go. Your SCUF can be modify to fit your playstyle.

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