Tower Of Fantasy Amplification Goggles

Tower Of Fantasy Amplification Goggles: The highly anticipated MMORPG Tower of Fantasy, created by Perfect World, Level Infinite, and Hotta Studios, now has a set release date.

The open-world anime visual setting of the game was influenced by Genshin Impact. On December 10th and 11th, Tower of Fantasy will be available for PC and mobile users running iOS and Android.

Eight playable characters will be available when Tower of Fantasy launches. Each character has their own backstory as well as a characteristic weapon. The characters in the game can also be extensively customised to better suit the preferences of the players.

How can I acquire an SSR for free in #ToF? Who appears in the first limited banner? How many pre-registration bonuses can I get in total?

Check out what we have planned for you when the game launches!

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Tower Of Fantasy Amplification Goggles

During the launch, the following characters will be present:

The game offers incentives for pre-registration, in-game rewards, regional rewards events, and many more things. Three million pre-registrations have already been made for the Tower of Fantasy as of right now.

Players can either explore the map alone or with friends in the game’s setting of the science fiction city of Aida. In addition, they can organise gatherings of players from the global channel.

Vouchers, 10x Gold Nucleus, 500x Dark Crystals, Leader of Astra, Aida Trailblazer, Orion, Star Sand, a cute avatar, and other uncommon items are among the rewards that players who pre-registered for the game will receive. The Pre-Registration Milestone, which is included in the game’s rewards area, allows players to obtain the aforementioned incentives.

Starpath Navigation:

Tower of Fantasy offers a variety of in-game prizes for finishing little jobs. To be eligible to receive an SSR weapon box, 5x Gold Nucleus, and 5x Proof of Purchase, players must complete the Newcomer task. You can claim 10x draws and restricted vehicles with rewards like Gold Nucleus, Red Nucleus, etc. with weekly logins.

Road of Strife:

Players can collect goodies on the event website during this event’s fourth week of debut, including Red Nucleus, Vehicle: Mechbird, etc.

There will be unique regional prizes locked in for particular regions in addition to the in-game rewards. Each regional event is distinct from the others. The main approach to obtain these incentives is to engage with local influencers live on stream while watching their streams. The complete schedule of local activities to mark the launch is provided below:

  • Tower of Fantasy Global Launch Festival (East Asia)
  • Tower of Fantasy World (North America)
  • Fantasy Season (Southeast Asia)
  • Tower of Fantasy Summer Fest (Europe)
  • Tower of Fantasy Carnival (Latin America)

Outpost Challenge (Twitch Drops):

Watch your favourite broadcasters for a chance to win one of several exclusive Twitch drops that will be given away from December 11 through December 13.

What do you think about the in-game rewards and events that came along with the launch of Tower of Fantasy? Tell us in the comments section below.

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