How to Reach-Tower of Fantasy Quicksand Lair

How to Reach-Tower of Fantasy Quicksand Lair:

Even though the Vera area in Tower of Fantasy is smaller than the major Asperia map, it is not insignificant. Traveling through the desert is made much simpler by unlocking Spacerifts, but while most of them are simple to reach, the Quicksand Lair has had no obvious entry point.

Tower of Fantasy Quicksand Lair

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Location of Quicksand Lair in Spacerift:

Reaching the entry location of the Quicksand Lair Spacerift is the first step in opening it. If you haven’t been far off from Mirroria, the voyage to the marker—which is located in the map’s southernmost region—will take quite some time.

To avoid having to go back, stop at the other Spacerifts or Terrain Markers en route. You won’t see any Spacerift until you are quite close to a Quicksand Lair marker. The quicksand pool is well below it, and getting there requires some effort.

You’ll see a swirling area near the centre of the quicksand pool close to the sign.

Land in the centre of the swirling area and allow it to consume you to reach the Lair.

If you’re directly in the middle of the vortex, you won’t perish like you would in a typical quicksand pool; instead, there will be a fade into black, and once you can see clearly again, you’ll be in the Lair.

The quickest route to the vortex’s centre is to ascend the slopes beneath the enormous rock structure next to the quicksand pool.

Get some air using the jetpack’s rockets, then carefully situate yourself above the whirling sand. Make the short jump over the abyss after you’re inside the Quicksand Lair to turn on the Spacerift Tower of Fantasy Quicksand Lair.

Tower of Fantasy Quicksand Lair

The Quicksand Cavern Spacerift is not the most difficult puzzle in Sandra, but it is also not the easiest to open. Other themes that are exclusive to the new version discuss include Old Vera Coins and resolving Ruin Stone Puzzles. We have more in our Tower of Fantasy guides hub Tower of Fantasy Quicksand Lair.

How to Access the Tower of Fantasy’s Spacerift Quicksand Lair:

A 2.0 version for Tower of Fantasy was published, bringing with it additional features and bug fixes.

A new map called “Vera Sector” has a cyberpunk city on it.

To access a Spacerift Quicksand Lair is one of the goals.

The level cap has been raised to level 80, and new Simulacrum Ruby and Ruby’s matrix have been added.

Unlock the “Combat Engine” new item of equipment and the “End Game” and “Sadness Valley” new instances.

A Fresh Start and Stellarway Restart are two additional new events.

From your inbox, you can collect your compensation incentives.

Dark Crystals, Health Solutions, a Gender Transition Card, and other things are the prizes.

You can find instructions on how to open the Spacerift Quicksand Lair within Tower of Fantasy in this tutorial.

How to gain access to the Tower of Fantasy’s Spacerift Quicksand Lair:

In Tower of Fantasy, you must go to the Quicksand Belt at coordinates -809.7 and 1728.2 to access the Spacerift Quicksand Lair.

Once there, use a supply pod to jetpack to a platform and then in the direction of the sand whirlpool.

To get to the location where you can open the spacerift, stand in the centre of the whirlpool.

How to do it is as follows:

  • -809.7 and 1728.2 are the locations of Quicksand Belt.
  • Jetpack a supply pod to the platform.
  • Stand in the centre of the sand whirlpool as you jetpack there.
  • Unlock the spacerift by going there.

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