What Are The Coins for in The Devil in Me

What Are The Coins for in The Devil in Me: In The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me, there are several collectibles to be found. These silver coins come in many denominations, one of which is known as the obol. A bear and one pip are shown on the one-obol, which is also known as the one-obol. Two dots and a depiction of a bird are included on the two-obol coin. They will all feature skulls on their faces, and the five- and ten-obol pieces are significantly rarer. For The Devil in Me’s achievement, players must amass a total of 200 obol. With a little assistance, even if this is not an easy task, it is most definitely not impossible.

What Are The Coins for in The Devil in Me

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The Devil in Me -Location 1 Obol- The Lighthouse:

Mark and Charlie will encounter a locked gate when they travel to a lighthouse to capture some expansive footage of the island. Players can enter the yard around the lighthouse by navigating around the gate. Charlie would be able to unlock the lock on the lockbox, which will on the ground. Use the object in his possession, then use a lockpick to unlock the box and remove the coin within.

Location 2 Obol-Kate’s Hike:

Jessie Buckley’s character, Kate, from The Devil in Me will pretend to be hurt so that she and Jamie can explore the island more, and they wind up finding a tonne of fascinating things. Included in this are two of the Obol coins which gamers will seek out. Look at the gate that is close after the shoe. This is where the first is located.

Location 3 Obol-Kate’s Hike 2:

The second obol is located here when Kate and Jamie leap so over train car in the closing part of season one among series Dark Pictures. Cross the pipe and turn to the right after. On the ground will be the obol.

Location 4 Obol-Kate’s Hike 3:

The second of the three electrical problems from The Devil in Me is nearby on the ground. After climbing the ladder, jump onto the ledge. There is a step-up that can climb if you look to the right. Climb it and turn to the right after. On the ground will be the coin.

Location 5 Obol-Cigarettes:

He and Erin would roam the area while pretending to be Charlie in quest of the bar as well as some cigarettes. In this, the players are leaving Charlie’s room and proceed along the hallways. When Erin turns right, turn left instead, and at the fork in the road will be a coin. Charlie hasn’t even started hunting for pennies for the bar’s cigarette machine at this point The Coins for in The Devil in Me.

Location 6 Obol-Scouting:

Players must be vigilant about obols when Marks and Kate are on their own. This first one, a 5-obol piece, is the first of at least two that will be present. It may found in the damage library, wherein Mark will to rearrange some shelves. You can find this silver coin in one of the room’s corners wherever he has to knock the ladder down.

Location 7 Obol-Staff Only:

Mark would be able to communicate with several H.H. Holmes items once he unlocks the Balcony area using the library key. In this psychological thriller game, be careful to locate the obol that conceal close to one of the walls before he does The Coins for in The Devil in Me.

Location 8 Obol-Finding the Fusebox:

Players can go upstairs as Jamie, who is searching for the fusible link to fix after cutting the electricity. In this 6-hour horror game, there’s not much up there but an obol coin inside the hallway.

Location 9 Obol-Blood Trail:

A branching hallway will encounter by Jamie and Charlie as they pursue the blood trail. Right or left are the options. The FBI memo is at the bottom of this hall, so turn right first. On the way back, Charlie’s right next to a radiator will have an obol just on floor.

Location 10 Obol-Separated:

Players will once more play as Jamie, the Devil in Me persona who can kiss Erin, when the wall between Charles and Kate closes. to investigate the child’s voice, proceed downstairs. Look behind Jamie when you reach the bottom of the stairs. By the stack of furniture under the stairwell, there’ll be an obol The Coins for in The Devil in Me.

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