Genshin Impact Carefree Dreamland

Genshin Impact Carefree Dreamland: Carefree Dreamland, a brand-new time-limited web event from Genshin Impact, will provide 120 Primogems.

From November 25 to December 4, it is accessible. Travelers are able to construct an Aranara village and don a variety of attire during this event.

Due to the fact that the things are hidden behind time-gated tasks, participants may need more than one day to finish the event, but they can earn half of the rewards on the first day. Players can follow the instructions in this article to collect building supplies and unlock all of the facilities.

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 Genshin Impact Carefree Dreamland

120 Primogems for the Genshin Impact Carefree Dreamland Web Event:

By clicking on this link, Genshin Impact players can access the Carefree Dream Web event. Keep in mind that to take part in the event and receive the awards, you must be a Traveler with Adventure Rank 10 or higher. Use their HoYoverse account to log in after the website has finished loading.

Participants will receive a brief explanation of the event’s operation during the tutorial. They must first finish all of their daily responsibilities in the Genshin Impact game. The player can click on Aranara Traveler to view the daily duties. Simple requirements include signing in, finishing at least two Daily Commissions, ingesting Original Resin, and preparing meals.

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Every day at 4:00 am (Server Time), the Daily Tasks will be refreshed, and any uncollected building supplies will also be eliminated. They will receive building materials as payment for these tasks.

Various culinary facilities can be constructed using the aforementioned architectural materials. Players will receive Primogems for completing each of the seven different types of facilities in the Carefree Dreamland event. Participants can only unlock up to four different types of facilities on the first day before they must wait until the following day for more building supplies.

Unlocked the cooking facilities:

Aranara will appear and stay in each place once Genshin Impact players have unlocked the culinary facilities. On the right side of the screen, gamers may also collect Carefree Coins and use them to purchase Aranara’s clothing and accessories in the Dressing Room.

Aranara can be added to the outfit to reap additional benefits. By combining and matching different pieces of clothing, each Aranara can start a distinct event. Players can get either a Normal or Perfect Ending depending on the attire they select.

To view all of the possible endings and their associated rewards, tap on Aranara Paimon. Players won’t receive anything if they receive the same ending, and the rewards for each ending can only be earned once.


Primogems are the most accessible of the various awards from the Carefree Dreamland event. Gamers who complete all of the facilities in Genshin Impact will receive 120 Primogems. After that, complete Aranara’s endings to receive rewards like eight Mystic Enhancement Ore, 50,000 Mora, and nine Hero’s Wit.

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