How to unlock Tower Of Fantasy Black Stone Tower

In the newest instalment of the Tower of Fantasy series, Tower of Fantasy Confounding Abyss, set off on a grand adventure to solve the mystery surrounding Called Tower Of Fantasy Black Stone Tower. In this post we wil guide you how to unlock it. Where you can find all the model and all about the puzzle you want to know.

What Is Tower Of Fantasy Black Stone Tower About?

How to unlock Tower Of Fantasy Black Stone Tower

Tower of Fantasy Confounding Abyss is also an action packed puzzle game that will keep you engrossed for hours on end. It features stunning visuals and an intriguing plot. Don’t miss to explore whew you are solving the puzzle.

The stunning and distinct worlds that will allow you to explore at our leisure as you advance through obstacles and riddles that will test all of your cunning as well as puzzle solving abilities.

Discover the amazing tale of 4 heroes as they visit far off lands and run into bizarre and deadly monsters. In the below paragraph we will know how to unlock the puzzle.

How to Unlock Black Stone Tower In Tower Of Fantasy?

To unlock the Tower Of Fantasy Black Stone Tower puzzle, we have to find all eight model which are hidden in the Tower Of Fantasy Confounding Abyss. Once you find they You will unlock the it.


Update Of Tower Of Fantasy 2.1 Update (Confounding Abyss) :-

How to unlock Tower Of Fantasy Black Stone Tower

Players will explore the Third City ruins, which are full of varied terrain and countless challenges, as they enter the Confounding Abyss, which is located directly under Mirroria. Players will run with deadly lifeforms as they explore further into the ground.

These brand-new, powerful adversaries have emerged as a result of a Confounding Abyss’ impact and it will present whole new challenges. As ever in Tower of Fantasy, if players get it out alive, special exploration goodies are in store. In assume this Tower Of Fantasy Black Stone Tower in one of this puzzle.

Confounding Abyss’s underworld was briefly glimpsed in the recently released Confounding Labyrinth video. More details are provided regarding the many terrain types and breathtaking surroundings, which includes the remains of an undiscovered civilization. In addition, the update will include Break From-Destiny, the 48-player battle royale mode, thrilling challenges, and new monsters.

Players may encounter a number of unique geographical features and novel locations while travelling the Confounding Labyrinth, such as:

That Abyss are full of dangerous barriers that are hidden beneath the endless tunnels of the ruinous structures left behind through an unidentified civilisation, says Prism Pillar. The remnants of the past and the secrets that lay within can only be dimly seen by the flickering light.

Deepsoul Industrial Zone, The karst caverns that cover this industrial zone, which is located near the Scientific Research Center, are a haven for the growth of unusual fungus.

Players will run into brand-new hazardous lifeforms as they go farther and further into the Confounding Abyss. Due to the Confounding Abyss’s impact on some species, these formidable foes will present fresh challenges. One dreadful example is a piece of Crystal Hoof, whose sturdy and rock-like body was created when Culton’s body fused with a mystery crystal.

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