Warcraft of Tomorrow Tower of Fantasy

Warcraft of Tomorrow Tower of Fantasy: With the release of Tower of Fantasy’s version 2.1, travellers can start a brand-new voyage right away. Wanderers will go far below earth to enter a labyrinth after this update.

Our intrepid travellers will encounter a range of fresh difficulties here in order to discover the significance of the new map’s three enigmatic levels and to get access to special main plot rewards.

Warcraft of Tomorrow Tower of Fantasy

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The fresh simulacrum Lin, the daughter of the creator of Mirroria City, will also eventually be playable by players. Lin has a variety of special skills and powers, including a brand-new weapon called Shadoweave and Lin’s Matrix.

In the store, players can also buy the Warcart of Tomorrow Tanium Pack, which, once purchased, unlocks new vehicles. After the subsequent version upgrade, this gift pack’s discount of 2280 Tanium will return to the original 3280 Tanium. In addition, when specific levels are attained, a Rookie Growth Package will be available to purchase inside the store and offer considerable benefits.

Then, in this updated version, there will be a three-minute fireworks display in Mirroria every day at 1:00, 2:00, 12:00, 13:00, 19:00, and 20:00 (UTC+0). The official notes are available here, and players may read them to learn about forthcoming events like the regular Supply Run as well as bug patches that have been made. Additionally, you can witness the exclusive Q&A with the ToF Publisher for the impending Version 2.1 Update below.

Tomorrow,The Tower of Fantasy’s Ultimate Weapon Event will include several mini-events:

An announcement made today states that Tower of Fantasy will host a number of noteworthy events in November. Both the Supplies Run event and the Ultimate Weapons event should start tomorrow.

The Ultimate Weapon competition starts tomorrow. In order to participate in this event, you must complete three short-term gameplay challenges between now and November 14th. Intel collection, weapon destruction, or uprooting remnants are these mini-events. You can spend the tokens you earn by taking part in these three mini-events to purchase gifts from the event store.

The game Intel Gathering will just be playable throughout the entire event. You must look for an opponent and photograph them in order to take part. When you complete the necessary quest, you instruct to locate a specific adversary. This enemy may be present somewhere in the Overworld, or you may need to enter an event instance to locate it. You can collect your intelligence by snapping a picture, and as payment, you’ll get Encrypted Disks.

It will only be possible to participate in the Weapon Destruction event on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The event finish anytime 4 AM UTC / 12 AM Eastern on day and 4 AM / 12 AM on the next day because it runs on a 24-hour reset timer. Depending on the level, you can obtain Aida Keepsakes in this instanced game.

On the same 24-hour timeframe, the third mini-event, Uprooting Tattered remains, will also take place. Only on Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday will this one offer. You must defeat three event instances in this one to receive Aida Keepsakes.

Codes for Tower of Fantasy November 2022:

Interested in Tower of Fantasy codes? If you enjoy playing well-known anime video games like Genshin Impact, then may be familiar with Tower of Fantasy. It checks off all the usual open-world gaming boxes, with the main distinction being that it is set in the present day as opposed to a fantastical realm. Tower of Fantasy contains a tonne of codes you may use to access free goods, just like the game which served as a major inspiration.

Tower of Fantasy promo codes current:

Additional Tower of Fantasy tickets will occasionally surface online, but you must act quickly because they are only active for a little period of time. We have gathered them all in one location for your convenience.

The current Tower of Fantasy codes are shown below:

  • 9AK7K8TD
  • 9AL4VC2X
  • 9AN5X46Q
  • TOF666
  • TOF888

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