Nike FC Cup Rocket League Classement: Deets

The Nike FC Cup Rocket League Classement is going on in the game right now. Although they don’t truly have much in common, Rocket League or Nike are nevertheless collaborating because of the World Cup at Qatar. The Nike FC Cup Rocket League Event honours the wonderful game of football.

It may have been some time since the RLCS World Championship, but now that the World Cup is being held once more, we are just thinking about football and ignoring anything else. Just like Nike FC Cup Rocket League Classement, Psyonix and Nike have created a tonne of new content that would help pass the time until the start of the next season.

Nike FC Cup Rocket League Classement, Fan Clash, And Rewards :-

Rocket League Nike FC Cup Classement World Fan Clash Rewards, Based on the number of points your nation accrues during Fan Clash Nike FC Cup, you will receive placement awards. Do the best to move your nation up the leaderboard so that you can receive greater rewards! The Fan Clash: Nike FC Cup has began from November 17 at 9:00 AM PST (5:00 PM UTC) and will last until November 30, at 6:00 PM PST.

Here are the Classement rewards in Nike FC Cup Rocket League.

  • 1st: Nike FC Cup MVP Player Title, Titanium White Nike FC 2022 Goal Explosion, 1 Import Drop
  • 2nd – 4th: Titanium White Nike FC 2022 Goal Explosion, 1 Import Drop
  • 5th – 8th: 1 Import Drop, 1 Very Rare Drop
  • 9th – 12th: 2x Very Rare Drop
  • 13th – 16th: 1 Very Rare Drop, 1 Rare Drop
  • 17th – 30th: 2x Rare Drops
  • 31th – 42nd: 1 Rare Drop

The Event Items Of Nike FC Cup Rocket League Classement:

Nike FC Cup Rocket League Classement

Three iconic night boots the Nike Phantom GT Copper, Nike Tiempo Copper, or the Nike Air Zoom Mercurial – Copper are the inspiration for the 3D automobiles included in the Nike Next Generation Pack.

Each item is available for personal purchase, and players will obtain a Nike FC 2022 goal blast for 1100 Rocket League credits. So you can also have the gold explosion if that’s all you desire.

A Nike Air Zoom Mercurial CR7 decal as well as a Nike Air Zoom Mercurial player banners are included in the 300 credit Nike CR7 pack, which is also available.

Additionally, opponents will compete in pandemonium, drop shot, snow day, or hoops games. where you can get access to more than 40 decals from different countries, and they’ll also be offering free a golden egg that lets you use things from champion series crates.

How to Rocket League Nike FC Cup Classement ?

The Nike FC Cup in Rocket League is comparable to the World Cup in Qatar, but you can take part. You must register on official Fan Clash site if you wish to represent our own nation.

After completing step 1, all that remains is to play with a lot of Rocket League to accumulate points. Along the way, all of your saves, goals, and assists will be counted in addition to your victories. If you performed really well throughout the Rocket League Nike FC Cup Event and were able to place reasonably. You’ll soon receive some tasty goodies.

How To Get Item In Next Nike FC Cup In Rocket League?

Numerous new Nike products will be offered in the Item Shop from November 30 – December 6. Another essential item for every football lover is the Nike Mercurial-R9 Octane Decal, which is inspired by Ronaldo Nazario’s 1998 Mercurial Boot. Think about a more eye-catching option. A Rocket League Nike FC Cup Pack offers a completely new appearance in cutting-edge athletic apparel for 300 credits.

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