God Of War Ragnarok Berserker Guide: Best Guide!

Today we will see God of War Ragnarok Berserker Guide as the battles are no joke, When all of these malevolent spirits are vanquished, one of the game’s most challenging battles ensues.

We have you covered whether you just need some general advice on how to combat these enemies or you require a whole guide for each. In God of War Ragnarok Berserker Guide we will learn how to take down every Berserker.

God Of War Ragnarok Berserker Guide, Where To Find?

God Of War Ragnarok Berserker Guide

At places called Berserker Gravestones, God Of War Ragnarok Berserkers could be found all around the nine worlds. These little grave monuments are frequently seen in wide-open areas. Although they are initially inaccessible. to launch the Berserker hunt and the side quest A Favor Fit for the a King.

When you own the hilt, you can attach to any other gravestone that come across. This will bring back the God Of War Ragnarok Berserker and create a huge, impenetrable arena for battle.

The power level of Ragnarok Berserkers In God Of War may vary depending on the realms and areas you encounter them in, So keep in mind that the most challenging obstacles won’t appear until you’ve finished the main plot and enabled Post Game exploring.

God Of War Ragnarok Berserker, How To Defeat?

The battles with the God Of War Berserker are among the hardest in the game, they regularly use status ailments, unblockable attacks, or a flurry of strong hits to catch you off guard. Knowing their tendencies can help you not only survive but also decide when to launch a counterattack.

Before engaging in a Berserker combat, always verify your power level. Consider upgrading your equipment at a Dwarven Shop or going exploring a little bit first. If the Berserker is far more powerful than you and you’re about to level up.

A Ragnarok Berserker in God Of War can be stunned by some attacks, but you must be cautious about which ones to use when. Choosing runic skills with the a high stun value can help you avoid incurring a significant amount of damage if some berserker manages to hit you despite your special attacks.

The Dauntless Shield and other shields are excellent for parrying. Although most Berserkers are rarely stunned by a successful block and parry on their own.

In The Guide Of God Of War Berserker, Where To Find Gravestone?

There is no particular order in which you must defeat the enemies in the first nine locations. Which are mentioned under and grouped by Realm. Some battles will be more difficult for you than others, but don’t be afraid to ask questions and return when you’ve levelled up.

  • Lake of Nine Berserker Gravestone
  • Nidavellir Beach Berserker Gravestone
  • Alberich Island Berserker Gravestone
  • Jarnsmida Pitmines Berserker Gravestone
  • The Barrens Berserker Gravestone
  • The Forbidden Sands Berserker Gravestone
  • Pilgrim’s Landing Berserker Gravestone
  • The Sinkholes Berserker Gravestone
  • Mist Fields Berserker Gravestone
  • God of War Ragnarok King Hrolf Berserker Gravestone

How To Get Armour In God Of War Berserker?

In God of War, you must take out three of the ten Berserker Gravestones in order to obtain the complete Berserker amor set. Once you have obtained an Inert Hilt of Skofnung item at King’s Grave, you can access these difficult boss fight activities. Below is a detailed list of each God Of War Ragnarok Berserker Gravestone’s locations as well as some helpful hints.

A Soulless Warrior perk, which momentarily boosts Kratos’ Melee Attack damage. When he uses a Relic but also raises the amount of damage he takes, is given the strength focused armour known as Berserker Cuirass, which can be acquired by completing those God Of War Ragnarok Berserker Gravestone as In Barrens, Alfheim.

Niflheim: Strength-focused armour with decent boosts to other stats is obtained by finalising the Berserker Gravestone in Mist Fields. It also comes with the Soulless Assault perk, that also gives hits on foes a low Luck chance to result in a damaging Soul Explosion which also partially extends the cooldown of your Relic.

With the addition of the Soulless Rebuke perk, which makes blocking, parrying, or receiving any damage have a modest Luck chance to result in a damaging Soul Explosion, Berserker Waist Guard Berserker Armor gives all other stats some respectable bonuses. completed the Berserker Gravestone at Midgard’s Lake of Nine to find.

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