Path to Nowhere Labyrinth details

Path to Nowhere Labyrinth: Hello, chief, and welcome to the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control. Time to protect your tower! Of course, you should first check our Path to Nowhere tier list to see if your team is up to par.

Providing you with a list of all the game’s strongest characters, you can quickly rise to the top in this SRPG real-time tower defence game with our assistance.

In case you don’t get the characters you desire, we’ve also included a Path to Nowhere reroll method below. However, if you happen to be having good luck, you might want to try pulling all the top choices from our tier lists for the AFK Arena, Another Eden, Genshin Impact, or Epic Seven.

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Path to Nowhere Labyrinth

How can I roll Path to Nowhere Labyrinth?

It can be challenging to perform a Path to Nowhere reroll because there doesn’t appear to be a guest account login option. As a result, you either need to have multiple Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts so you can log into another one if you don’t get the characters you want.

This is necessary because it appears that creating a new Path to Nowhere account with the same email and deleting the old one takes anywhere from 24 hours to 15 days to complete.

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As a result, we advise performing a Path to Nowhere Labyrinth by doing the following:

  • Launch Path to Nowhere
  • Complete the tutorial
  • Pull on the banner – the beginner’s banner is guaranteed to give you one S rank guaranteed unit at a discount during your first ten-pull
  • If you don’t get the S rank character you want and are feeling patient, log out and log in again with a different email, Twitter, or facebook account
  • Rinse, repeat, until you get what you need!

Our Path to Nowhere tier list and reroll guide is now complete. Check out our list of the top gacha games for more great gacha content. To make room for all these awesome games, we also have instructions on how to delete apps on an iPhone.


Although they do not exceed their S-rank colleagues, Sinners in the A-rank tier are pretty much the best Sinners in their job. But don’t worry too much; even without a S tier of Sinners, these A-rank Sinners will more than likely see you through the full game.

Consider Chelse, who excels at what an Endura job does best: blocking enemies and RouLecca, a Reticle who never stops dealing out significant damage.


Sinners in the B-rank tier excel at performing the duties assigned to them and nothing more. Some of them even use the same gimmicks as S-rank Sinners employ, but their value isn’t so great that it should take precedence over what they should be doing.

For instance, Anne has a wide range for her healing, but it is best to focus on the potency of her healing rather than the range.


The role that C-Rank Sinners play is respectable, and that is pretty much all that they are capable of. Some Sinners, like as Cinnabar, can do significantly better than average, but she must be coupled with other Shielders in order to do so.

If you invest in characters who are ranked higher than them rather than the C-rank sinners, you will benefit from it much more.

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