Nikke Goddess of Victory Laplace Banner

Nikke Goddess of Victory Laplace Banner: Laplace is hinted to be the next SSR Rate-Up banner character by Nikke. Shift Up has wasted little time in hyping the following SSR addition to Goddess of Victory: Nikke, as Helm’s rate-up banner is nearing to an end.

The only thing that has been shared on the game’s official Twitter account is a silhouette of a character with the message “All NIKKEs are heroic.”Although it isn’t stated in the tweet, it is very clear from the silhouette that the character in the image is Laplace Nikke Goddess of Victory Laplace Banner, and she will probably be the next to be added to the SSR pool. Nikke Goddess of Victory Laplace Banner The actual release date of the banner is likewise unknown, although given that Helm’s banner expires on November 24.

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 Nikke Goddess of Victory Laplace Banner

The long-awaited global release of Nikke: Goddess of Victory has finally occurred after much Closed Beta testing! The unique POV of each character during the conflict with fantastic “Eye Candy” is without a doubt the best feature of Nikke. As a recently graduated Commander in Nikke, your job is to command a group of “Nikke,” unique half-human female units that can use a variety of weaponry to fight Robot foes like Tyrant, Raptors, etc.

Your Nikke will assist you as you fight your path to success. A hilarious cutscene, lovely Anime graphics, and fully voiced characters can all found in this game! if you enjoy shooting/idle games with simple controls and attractive women.

What is Nikke: Goddess Of Victory?

A Gacha Idle Game and Third Person Shooter hybrid is called Nikke: Goddess of Victory. You will be playing with a group of five Nikke, each with a unique class, role, and element (Fire, Wind, Iron, Electric, and Water) (SG, SMG, AR, MG, SR, RL).

You can accomplish a variety of tasks in Nikke, including the Main Story, Simulation Data Center, Interception, Tribe Tower, and Outpost, to amass resources, strengthen your bond with your Nikke, and unlock additional game content.

Nikke is the game for you if you enjoy gathering various female characters and have beautiful graphics and voice acting.

The first and most significant material in Nikke is the “Main Campaign.” You will move your team throughout the map and investigate several sites during the Main Campaign. If you press a random location during the Main Campaign that has a magnifier symbol, you can access exclusive goodies.

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Stage Element Advantage:

You can find the weak points of adversaries in the Right-Up section of the stage selection. You could increase the damage your enemies took by choosing Nikke with this Element.

Effective Range of Weapons:

Choosing Nikke, which has the same advantage as Element in terms of Effective Range of Weapons, will make it easier for you to deal more damage to adversaries.
You can alter your squad member and improve the effectiveness of your team during battles based on the information provided at each level.

The highest level that any character in Nikke Goddess of Victory Laplace Banner can reach is 200 (for SSR) or 160 (for SR). Whereas R grade can only reach level 80. Dupes are require to raise your character’s maximum level. In Nikke, each character has a unique element, role, and class. Let’s examine every Nikke feature and discuss how to make your character more effective in combat:

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