How to Complete Avian Ambush Week Challenge in Season 4

How to Complete Avian Ambush Week Challenge in Season 4: The most recent Avian Ambush Wild Week Fortnite Battle Royale challenge, “Deal damage to chickens,” is excellent for levelling up the Battle Pass.

How to Complete Avian Ambush Week Challenge in Season 4

You will earn 20,000 XP for successfully completing the task. The crazy week also includes a number of extra tasks, each of which awards a full Battle Pass level. Therefore, if you wish to level up rapidly, you must accomplish the new task.

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Chickens are simple targets for damage, but finding them be challenging:

In Fortnite Battle Royale, harming chickens can be one of the simpler chores. Chickens haven’t undergone many alterations since Chapter 2 Season 6 introduced them to the game.

These animals are still very weak in terms of HP, which makes them very simple to kill. Only frogs and ravens have less HP than chickens among all of the game’s animals.

A chicken with 60 hit ratings can be killed with one sniper shot or two bullets from an assault weapon. If you are out of ammunition or don’t need to draw attention from attackers, you can also harm chickens with the harvesting equipment.

The latest Fortnite challenge ought to be simple to complete. Here’s how to go about it:

Avian Ambush Week Challenge in Season 4- Find chickens:

Finding hens is the sole challenging aspect of completing the most recent challenge. Fortunately, they are easier to find because more of them are about during Avian Ambush Crazy Week.

Visit any of the following places to inflict harm on the hens if you want to finish the task as soon as possible:

  • Tainted Towers
  • Overtaken Outpost
  • Pump ‘N Paradox
  • Desolate Delta
  • Horse Shoe Hideout
  • Fort Jonesy
  • Loot Lava Volcano Station
  • Sunflower’s Saplings
  • Reality Roots

Please see the screenshot up top for other locations. These locations feature assured chicken spawns, but you will need to arrive there first because many players will be completing these objectives.

Use a pickaxe or other weapons to attack hens.

You must harm chickens to complete the challenge’s second and final step. Since any weapon may be used to complete this, it is really simple. May accomplish the task using your pickaxe even without a rifle.

You can kill a chicken with three strokes of your harvesting equipment because they only possess 60 hit points. Must harm 200 chickens in total to finish the challenge, which calls on you to locate and harm at least four chickens.

You will be rewarded with 20,000 XP if you have injured all four birds. As a reward for successfully completing several challenges throughout Avian Assault Wild Week, you will be given one entire Battle Pass level.

Avian Ambush Week Challenge Tips:

To finish every one of the Avian Ambush Week missions, you must first complete the very first quest just on list above. It’s hard to take on any of the side tasks without a chicken.

All around the island, but mostly in the Desert & Grasslands ecoregions, Fortnite chickens spawn. There aren’t many chickens in the Mountains biome, despite the fact that they can tolerate the colder climate.

With such a chicken in your possession, the next quests are rather simple. Go to Fortnite Pillar Peak and jump off for a simple 20-meter flight, slide with the chicken for 30 continuous metres using your Fortnite sliding skills, and then go to one of the Fortnite Vaults spots and open it all while carrying the chicken.

For the subsequent challenges, you’ll find tyres all throughout Chonker’s Speedway, a lot of umbrellas in Condo Canyon, and Web Bouncers all over The Daily Bugle. Finally, the Rustaway Beaches landmark is a great area to spot crows, while Loot Chickens may identifi by their shining coating.

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