Neural Cloud Tier List Guide

Neural Cloud Tier List: Your quest is over if you’ve been searching for the Girls’ Frontline Brain Cloud Tier List. The open-world role-playing game Girls’ Frontline Brain Cloud is a follow-up to Girls’ Frontline. The game contains a huge cast of characters, just as in previous RPG games.

Neural Cloud Tier List

The strongest characters should choose first because not all of the heroes are the greatest for the squad. You could find it challenging to reroll the best characters if you’re a newbie. In light of this, we created the Girls’ Frontline Neural Cloud Tier List, which places each character in order of quality.

Tier List for Frontline Neural Cloud:

=>Tier-SS: Florence, Croque, Nanaka

=>Tier-S: Gin, Imhotep, Yanny, Vee, Aki, Willow, Fresnel, Hubble, Persica, Evelyn, Chelsea, Betty, Banxy

=>Tier-A: Panakeia, Choco, Centaureissi, Sakuya, Antonina, Dusevnji, Mai, Max, Twigs, Octogen, Jessie, Bonee, Zion, Camellia,

=>Tier-B: Solar Trouvere, Angela, Ksenia, Rise, Abigail, Simo, Earhart, Luna Danseuse, Saint, Fern, Sol, Groove

=>Tier-C: B Novice Guardian, Lam

Of course, the aforementioned list represents the author’s viewpoints. You are urged to utilize the characters with whom you are most familiar, even if we advise selecting S-tier characters. You can do this to discover new possibilities and learn how to defeat any champion in the Girls’ Frontline Neural Cloud.

What Is The Size Of Girls’ Frontline Neural Cloud’s Character Cast?

The game features a pool of more than 45 characters as of the time this article write and release in Chinese in 2021. There are plenty of players available for your fantasy club. It’s important to note that the character list anticipates changing when new updates release.

The tier list we create above is divide into the next five categories:

List S Tier

These are the game’s strongest and most adored characters. I strongly suggest pulling these characters because they have the best traits, talents, and attributes in the game.

A Tier List for Girls’ Frontline Neural Cloud

They are frequently the game’s most potent characters, easily outperforming many other units. In terms of overall skills, they are not adequate as S-tier characters.

Tier List B

They are thought of as the “above average” personalities who frequently stand by the squad and keep an eye on them.

Female Frontline Neural Network C Tier List

They are weak characters who cannot compete with the majority of units due to their severe lack of skills and abilities.

Tier List D

You should refrain from selecting any of them because they are the weakest units in the game. These characters are unable to compete at a high level.

Reroll Guide for Girls’ Frontline Neural Cloud:

In Girls’ Frontline Neuro Cloud, rerolling is a rather simple process. Here are all of the steps for doing the same, in full:

  • When the game is made available everywhere, get it from the Tap Tap.
  • Utilize the guest account to log into the game.
  • Complete the prologue and tutorial of the game.
  • On the following screen, finally, summon the character.

For a strong beginning, we advise plucking out S-tier characters. They greatly improve your chances of victory and are the main protagonists in the game. To restart the reroll procedure if you are unable to call any S-tier characters, log out of the game and then erase the game’s data.

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