How to Get Logistics Ribbons in Battlefield 2042

How to Get Logistics Ribbons in Battlefield 2042:

How to Get Logistics Ribbons in Battlefield 2042: This article is for you if you play Battlefield 2042 because it will explain how to obtain the Objective, Wingman, Combat, Logistics, and Intel Ribbon in Battlefield 2042 more quickly.

Battlefield 2042 How To Get Objective Ribbon?

You must play Objective to receive the Objective Ribbon. You must take, defend, and keep your objectives if you wish to get the Objective Ribbon. The early game proves to be the best to capture more objectives because the early game’s objectives are neutral, so you must take as many as you can. This approach must be used up until tier 3.

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How to Get Logistics Ribbons in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042: How To Get Wingman Ribbon?

The first and second ways to get the Wingman Ribbon quickly are to revive and help your colleagues, respectively. If we’re talking about revive, you need to be able to revive your colleagues as many times as you can, and Maria Falck can help you with that because she’s an expert medic. Your tier will rise and you will gain a tonne of XP when you revive your colleagues.

You must shoot and hit adversaries in order to support your colleagues, then turn them over to them for finishing. To help your team, you can use Casper’s EMP Drone and the Prox Sensor Grenade.

Battlefield 2042: How To Get Logistics Ribbon?

You must fix the vehicles as well as heal and restock others if you desire the Logistics Ribbon. Your medical box can be thrown to treat your team members. You can resupply by hurling ammunition or other items at your team members, who can then use them to help you advance to Tier 3 as quickly as possible. Repairing cars is the simplest way to gain Logistics Ribbon more quickly.

Battlefield 2042: How To Get Intel Ribbon?

You must identify and stop attackers if you want to reach the Intel Ribbon more quickly. EMP grenades can be fired at enemy tanks, helicopters, and troops to disrupt them. To locate enemies, you can employ a helicopter or a tank. In order to locate adversaries, you can also make use of the Sensor Array, DysTek Pulse Meter, Prox Sensor Grenade, and Operator Casper’s OV-P Recon Drone.

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Battlefield 2042: How To Get Combat Ribbon?

When you kill and destroy vehicles, you’ll get the Combat Ribbon. There is no fast cut to killing foes; you must carry out several killings with the weapon you are most comfortable using. If you like, you can even employ a helicopter. Because destroying vehicles with the aid of a tank and helicopter is simple, you can utilise them for this purpose.

In Battlefield 2042, you can easily obtain all five Ribbons by doing this.

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