Roadhog s-Tier List – All Details

Roadhog s-Tier List We’ve got the top Overwatch 2 heroes covered in this tier list. Expect our rankings to alter frequently as the new meta develops because Overwatch 2 is still in its early stages. We want to emphasise that, as with all of our tier lists, we think that the player is always more important than the character they choose to play as.

No need to switch if you already have an off-meta main that is working for you! Keep it rocking. This list is mostly intended to help players who have encountered a plateau or to help you determine whether one of your characters is advantageous in the current meta.

Since you’re here, it’s likely that you already understand the primary distinctions between Overwatch and Overwatch 2.

Roadhog s-Tier List
Roadhog s-Tier List

If not, be aware that the hero cast has made some kit alterations. Before beginning ranked, be sure to understand what has changed for your hero pool.

Roadhog Overwatch 2 Update:

The other significant modification is that there are now just five players rather than six (sorry to all you sixth men and women out there). As a result, there is just one tank left, as opposed to two.

In general, this means that there is a considerable reduction in the amount of crowd control and shields in the game, albeit it depends on the comp and the terrain.

There will be fewer times where deathball team fights are the only option and more instances where skirmishes and duels take place.

The finest Overwatch 2 heroes are found in S-tier, and they can be found on practically all maps and comps.

A-tier heroes are still excellent choices, but in professional play, they frequently appear on fewer maps than S-tier characters. A-tier characters may, nevertheless, shine more than S-tier ones in particular circumstances.

Roadhog s-Tier List

We’re continuing the pattern of heroes that are even more specialised and have a lesser overall presence in the B-tier. Some of these heroes are simply inferior upgrades or downgrades of heroes in a higher-ranking niche.

The final group of heroes in the C-tier category is the Situational group. Compared to their colleagues. These heroes are infrequently seen. And they are typically called upon for particular holds or halves on a very limited number of maps.

One change is that there is now only one Tank on the battlefield at any given moment in a 5v5 match. In addition, three new characters entered the game at launch. And the focus of gameplay has changed from crowd controls and stuns to actually killing other players.

Since Overwatch 2 is essentially a complete revamp of what came before. It’s understandable if you’re not entirely sure what’s working and what isn’t in the game yet – after you’ve unlocked all the Heroes.

For you to quickly grasp the metagame, we’ve ranked each hero in Overwatch 2 in one location.

These rankings are based on a number of criteria. Including how effective a hero is at what they do. How far they can develop. And how straightforward it is to make a character work for the majority of players.

Roadhog Rewards:

Being so new, Overwatch 2 is still getting its feet under it. To give you a quick impression, let me say that high-mobility heroes are currently in full swing. There are a lot of heroes, changes, maps, and philosophical ideas to get your head around.

Having said that, we have compiled this list from a variety of sites. First, via testing and the game’s release, we played Overwatch 2 for about 40 hours and observed what worked effectively. Additionally, we were privy to pick-up matches between top players and have been monitoring what has been winning those matches. Some of these players have also shared their stories with us.

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