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Path to Nowhere 7-12: On November 27, 2022, Path to Nowhere officially opened its doors worldwide. Both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store have it listed as a free-to-play game. The game is expected to be one of the largest releases for the mobile RPG genre in 2022 with over 1 million downloads on the first day alone.

The Lovecraftian horror premise of Path to Nowhere’s tower defence RPG gameplay is combined with over 70 collectible characters, each of whom has unique uses and powers. With such a large cast of characters—”Sinners” in the game’s terminology—many players will undoubtedly be looking for the strongest Sinners to add to their formations.

We will provide a thorough and extensive analysis of some of the best sins that can be acquired in the game in our tier list for Path to Nowhere. The strongest and weakest sinners that are available at the time of the global debut are grouped into three different tiers under which they are listed. Remember that various changes may occur later when the game rebalances its characters in subsequent updates. This tier list was created at the beginning of the global launch. Here is a brief description of each tier:

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Path to Nowhere 7-12
Path to Nowhere 7-12

Nowhere 7-12:

In-game, Baiyi is categories as an Umbra job user and is a sinner of S rarity. Sinister, the primary strike of Baiyi, deals two hits to the enemy and inflicts damage in stages. This attack’s first and second stages inflict the selected foe with damage equal to 65% of her attack. The third stage of the strike is a rapid slash with three hits that deals the target 105% of the attacker’s damage.

The description of Baiyi’s special attack Wind Chaos reads as follows: “Bai Yi boosts his speed to the maximum, and the following 3 moves deal 1 core damage and 200% physical damage to all opponents in the cross area centred on the target square.

For 10 seconds, Bai Yi’s crit rate will rise by 15%. This effect is stackable. According to her first passive skill, Rush Benefit, if Bai Yi doesn’t move within 10 seconds, she will gain a layer of the “Possible to Go” effect, which can be stacked up to two times. Bai Yi will receive an attack boost of 6% multiplied by the number of “Ready to Go” stacks while in the “Ready to Go” state for 10 seconds. This benefit cannot be remove.

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S Grade NOX:

Nox is a game-classified S rarity sinner who uses the Fury job. Obliterate uses the greatsword weapon to counter Nox’s standard strikes. This fast slash does the target physical damage equal to 90% of his Attack per segment.

According to the description of Nox’s special ability Touch of Despair, “Nox unleashes the hidden power within his body, granting equal liberation to all. With the Ash Defeated Sword Qi swinging out to attack all enemies in the nine-square grid in front of you, the standard attack changes to Grey Destroyer Sword Qi.

physical damage to every segment equivalent to 158% of your own attack. You are unable to automatically regain energy for 20 seconds.” The first passive power of Nox According to Erosion. Nox receives a 0.6% attack bonus each time an adversary is kill during a battle. Up to a maximum of 9%.

S Grade HAMEL:

Hamel is a Catalyst job user who belongs to the S rare of sinners. Hamel doesn’t use any weapons; instead, she employs her own dances as a form of defence. Requiem, her default ability, recovers 16% of her own HP as well. The health of the nearby ally with the lowest HP. Phantom Dance, a particular power of Hamel. Says the following: “Hamel does her best to dance. Boosting all of “Dance’s” effects by 40% for 12 seconds.

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