New World Truthahn Event – Complete Details

New World Truthahn Event: The newest Patch 1.7.2 for New World was released on November 16. This primarily brought bug patches and a new event. It goes under the name Truthahnterror, fitting for Thanksgiving. We at MeinMMO have told you everything significant.

What kind of event is that? Huge Truthähne, also known as Trutalons, appear at specific locations during the Truthahnterror. They are difficult to defeat, so you’ll need a group, just like at the previous Halloween event.

You must have caused the boss at least 1% damage as a group in order to receive a reward. As Rewards begin to emerge:

The truth-seekers return to Immerfall, Lichtholz, Verlorene Küste, Windkreis, Königsfels, Entermesserriff, Klagental, and First Light as they did last year. While there can never be more than one active Truthahn per area, there may be several Truthahns present at once in various areas. We have bundled a map to the spawn points for you.

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New World Truthahn Event
New World Truthahn Event

How do I get to Diamant-Gips?

During the Event, you had to defeat and destroy regular Truthahne to get the Diamant-Gips. You can earn up to 6 Gips per day in this way. Additionally, the standard Truthähne Schatztruhen with Talons drop into the dish. You can receive up to 3 each day from this.

The Truthahnterror-Hautemesser is yet another new item. If you kill one of the large Truthahne in this way, you might, with any luck, acquire a new trait that specifically lessens the damage caused by Trutalons attacks.

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When one of our KI-Designers completely adjacent to Trutalon erupted, what had originally started as a bureaucratic dispute about a massive truthahn with lasers became a real world-boss, according to level designer Zachary Holm. Here is the game’s depiction of the origin of Aeternum’s terrifying Truthahn:

In the year 1600, a farmer needed 100 Truthähne to supply the settlement with food for the next holiday feast. The farmer discovered an ahnen-vorrichtung that had been flooded by the power of Azoth as the event drew nearer. He wondered what would happen if he brought his priceless Truthahn with him.

This device had unintended side effects, and the animal grew much larger than anyone could have imagined – and entked!

The farmer, who would not allow himself to be deterred by good publicity, said that he had created Trutalon, the peaceful rye, as the rumours of a huge, monstrous bird spread and were hung on city tables.

Trutalon was not pleased with the passing of his grieving friends when the celebration finally began. Since centuries ago, people have been taunting the Truthähne of Aeternum. However, during the fall hunting season, hunters will be out in force as Trutalon berates all hunters for his betrayed friends.


Normal Truthähne and Trutalon reward players with various benefits. Utilize the high-tech tool “Trutalon-Klaue” to “prepare your food” and earn more rewards. There is a 10% chance that he will drop one with every typical truth-teller.

Some of the items marked below have a daily limit. This will be rolled back at 5:00 local time. For instance, if a player manages to steal three Schätze of the Truthahn at 4:58, he will be able to earn another at 5:01.


There are specific locations where you can find trutalon in Immerfall, Lichtholz, Klagental, Unstete Küste, Windkreis, Königsfels, First Light, and Entermesserriff. Join forces with your group, friends, and fellow adventurers to complete the gruesome Rächer of the Death of the Level 66 and earn the rewards listed below. Please note that in order to receive rewards, you must commit a minimum amount of harm.

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