New World Blacksmith Betrayer Quest Guide

New World Blacksmith Betrayer: Players have a lot of options in how they wish to personalize their avatars and explore the planet in New World, the newest MMO from Amazon Game Studios. Players are tasked with finding a rogue blacksmith who has switched to creating weaponry for the tainted in “Blacksmith Betrayer,” one of the final quests in New World.

New World Blacksmith Betrayer
New World Blacksmith Betrayer

Fans must be at least level 33 to directly attack his fortress in Corlew’s mines and kill the Blacksmith in order to retaliate. With 110.25 coins, 2,020 experience points, and an Explorers Helmet armor piece in the New World as the reward.

To prevent future duplication of the weapons, players must first gather the blacksmiths’ blueprints. These will be concealed in variously placed, fiercely guarded chests throughout the mine. Here’s how to finish the Blacksmith Betrayer quest in case any New World fans need help with it.

New World Blacksmith Betrayer-Quest Beginnings:

Players must speak with Feng Tijong in the Wolfbough hills to begin the mission. The quest can be begun just at a mine in New World to the player’s immediate north after speaking with him.

Chest -1

By the start of the mine’s underground entrance, one of the initial chests can be located. Search for a big chest with the command “supply stockpiling” under a lamp.


On the mine’s right side, you can find the second chest. Turn right when you see red banners, and the box would be by the wooden building.


On the map’s upper right side, near a tree trunk with lights on it and a pot suspended from some wood, is where you’ll find the third chest. When players approach, the prompt “protections crate” needs to appear.


This chest will be the bigger wooden one next to the boulder to the left of a torch, directly behind the previous one. When players approach, the warning “Alchemy Stockpile” ought to appear.


To the left of the first two chests, at the end of a mining tunnel, is where the third chest is concealed. The chest, marked as a supply box, may be located in the back right-hand corner if you follow the rail tracks.


Go west to the tiny wooden building with one Rustheart Trapper to find the sixth chest. The supply stockpile designated chest should conceal to the left of the entryway.


Start running the wooden staircase placed on the rocks next to the one that has the wooden building on top to reach the final chest. It will hide away in a supply cache-themed chest.

New World Blacksmith Betrayer-Master Smith McCoy

New World Blacksmith Betrayer
New World Blacksmith Betrayer

Master Smith McCoy is located across from the eighth chest on the bridge. He is level 35 and holds a huge hammer. As much as you can, wreak havoc on him while avoiding the Ancient Creatures. That will erupt and cause players to suffer burn damage. After you defeat him, speak with Shui Tijong to complete the objective.

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