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Langley Path to Nowhere: Not sure where to begin when putting together the finest party? We’re here to aid you with our Path to Nowhere tier list. We rank every single character in this guide from the top S tier to the bottom D tier. In this manner, you can skip the undesirable characters and concentrate on the best.

Additionally, as new characters are introduced or the meta is adjusted by balance changes, we keep it updated. Therefore, it’s important to bookmark this article to make sure your team is always the best.

Real-time tower defence gameplay is a feature in the gacha game Path to Nowhere. As the Chief of the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control, it is your responsibility to eliminate ruthless outlaws who pose a threat to the peace of the city. You see, after a meteorite impact that infected its populace with a mystery insanity that transforms them into monsters, the world is on the verge of collapsing. It is Lovecraftian, but it is aware of that.

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 Langley Path to Nowhere
Langley Path to Nowhere

Visit the official website to discover more about Path to Nowhere. If you’re looking for recommendations, you’re in the correct place because we cover a tonne of games similar to it. Check out our tier lists for Infinite Magicraid, Girls Connect, and Among Gods.

Tiers Explained:

Before we move onto the tier list though, we thought we’d quickly explain what our tiers mean:

  • S Tier: These are the best characters currently available in the game, and you should definitely aim to add them to your party. They should also be the first choice to level up and gain access to equipment.
  • A Tier: These characters are perfect for filling gaps in a party – particularly when you haven’t unlocked enough S tiers, or there aren’t enough S tiers to fill a party in the first place. You should investigate these characters and see which one will counter your party’s weakness.
  • B Tier: Characters in this tier can really help during the early phases of the game, when you haven’t unlocked many characters, but they fade later on. Definitely use them when you lack S and A characters, but swap them out as much as possible.
  • C Tier: The only real difference between C and D tier is that C tier characters can occasionally have niche uses. They may be great at a particular game mode, or be exceptionally powerful early on. A late-game party shouldn’t have any though.
  • D Tier: We don’t recommend using these characters under any circumstance, unless you absolutely have to because you have nothing else. They underperform at all stages of the game, and in all game modes.

S Tier:

These are the absolute best characters in the game, and well worth using.

  • Baiyi
  • Demon
  • Eirene
  • Hamel
  • Labyrinth
  • Langley
  • Nox

Since Path To Nowhere has been available for a while, it is safe to assume that players have started to develop a solid understanding of how this tower defence game operates and even their own tier list.

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Check out our Path to Nowhere tier list, which is specifically designed for you, if you’re still learning and completely confused on what each level does and what you should be aiming for. Path to Nowhere’s Sinners are evaluated individually, so some team-dependent Sinners may be ranked a little lower than you might anticipate in the tier list.

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