How to Delete New Nexterra Map in Free Fire

How to Delete New Nexterra Map in Free Fire: How To Remove Nexterra Map in Free Fire Max & Free Fire: All players may now finally access the Free Fire MAX OB37 edition. NeXTerra has now been automatically added to the Free Fire Max client as part of this Update.

However, many players in the Free Fire max and Free Fire editions are looking for a way to temporarily disable or erase the NeXTerra Map. The complete guide for removing the Nexterra map from Free Fire Max and Free Fire can be found here.

For the purpose of adding new things to the game, Garena updates Free Fire every two months. This will increase the intrigue in the game and the desire to employ a new feature. The debut of the Free Fire OB37 upgrade is scheduled for November 16, 2022, according to the official source.

 How to Delete New Nexterra Map in Free Fire
How to Delete New Nexterra Map in Free Fire

The irrational supporters are already preparing to install and test it. Once everything is finished, players will be able to enjoy it. A popular data miner named Knight Clown has already shared many of the new items included in this update in community posts.

Free Fire has always been a popular online game among gamers. With every updated version, it is becoming more and more attractive. And to increase this more, the Free Fire OB37 Update is coming to knock at the doors.

The developers are confident that players will adore this new update because it includes numerous new features and changes. The Free Fire OB37 update is busy tease users with posts about the updates, which players may check on the verified social networking handles of the update. Visit Garena’s official website for more information if you have any other questions.

How To Remove/Disable NeXTerra Map in Free Fire Max & Free Fire:

You may follow the instructions given below to remove Nexterra map in Free Fire MAX:

Step 1: Click on “Download Center” button at top center.

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Step 2: Go to Maps Selection and click on remove button at right top corner.

Step 3: Now to can Enjoy your game without Nexterra Map in CS and BR.

NEXTerra Map Update (Official Notice):

Starting with this patch, we’ve decided to integrate the NeXTerra map into the client (OB37 Update).

Change: Nexterra is no longer available in the download centre and is instead included by default in the client. This implies that everyone who wants to play no longer needs to manually download NeXTerra. It will be one of the standard maps for all players in ranked matches.

Some of you may be wondering why we chose to do this. Here are the reasons:

1. Fresher gameplay experience: We believe NeXTerra is a fun and unique map, with many interesting locations. Some examples are Gray Labs – a low gravity area where players can jump higher and Deca Square – an area with portals for players to teleport through and ambush enemies.

2. Fairer ranked games: all players get to enjoy NeXTerra in ranked.

3. Better matchmaking experience

Many of you may be playing NeXTerra for the first time this patch. Thus, we have also compiled a video of tins and tricks, to help you learn more about the map and get started!

Tips & Tricks To Ace NeXTerra New Patch OB37 Garena Free Fire MAX:

We consider giving some advice to help you rule the battle zone now that NeXTerra has been introduce to the game client. Watch the video to see the seven tips and tricks we provide at various locations across NeXTerra. Try these places out and let us know which is your favorite.

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