Goat Simulator 3 – Event – Whack-A-Mole

Goat Simulator 3 – Event – Whack-A-Mole: Almost every genre you could possibly want to play is available on the Switch, but aside from a few powerhouses, there aren’t many character action games.

It must be difficult to make a fast-paced contemporary game with gorgeous 3D character models on a console with limited processing power that doesn’t appear a little rudimentary. To fill out that action game library, Wanin International is thankfully back with Dusk Diver 2 this August.

Yumo, our protagonist, is now a college student and one year older than she was in the previous book. She still has her newly-awakened abilities, and she prefers to use them to defeat Chaos Beasts rather than concentrate on her academics. I’ll admit that since I didn’t play the first game, I struggled to understand references to dimensional fissures and Dragon Veins, but I’m eager to see where Yumo’s story develops further.

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Goat Simulator 3 - Event - Whack-A-Mole
Goat Simulator 3 – Event – Whack-A-Mole

Dusk Diver 2 is going to feature a lot of fighting because demons are still wreaking havoc in Taipei. In order to live, you’ll need to master all of the combat’s various elements. The usual normal and heavy attacks are available, along with a lock-on system, dodge, and a counter attack that summons a strange monster to charge at your foe. In Dusk Diver 2, timing is crucial because quick reactions allow you to dodge incoming attacks and deal tremendous Goat Simulator 3 – Event – Whack-A-Mole damage.

Once you’ve built up enough SP:

Once you have accumulated sufficient SP, you can unleash special attacks. You may unleash spectacular combos that deal a tonne of damage by holding down R and tapping the face buttons. You need to build up one more metre before you can switch into your potent burst mode, which increases your damage output. If the pressure is on, you can also use your ultimate attack. In Dusk Diver 2, there is no standing back and making progress; everything is in motion.

Yumo was the sole playable character in the original game; but, in the follow-up, you’ll have teammates who you can switch between as needed. Leo is more slower in battle than Yumo, but his AoE fire attacks make him ideal for taking on numerous foes at once. For an assist attack that will further destabilise the battlefield, you can also enlist allies.

When I started Dusk Diver 2, I was prepared for the action and dazzling manoeuvres, but I wasn’t prepared for the creative stages. The first mission has you squeezed into a neon arcade where you have to fend off foes while dodging air hockey pucks and annoying Whack-A-Mole mice. I’m excited to see what amazing places I get to visit in the remaining chapters of the game.

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Despite having seen a substantial portion of Dusk Diver 2, there are still several features I haven’t really examined. I haven’t had much opportunity to explore the bustling metropolis of Taipei, and I’ve had trouble with the game’s levelling up and equipment aspects. Hopefully I’ll get to enjoy city life when the full game comes out.

Technically it’s more of a mixed bag:

The situation is more complicated on paper. The experience is negatively impacted by the noticeable frame drops that occur when there are even a few foes on the screen. Additionally, there is some pop-in, although it is disguised quite creatively. NPCs that are too far away may seem like vibrant stick figures, which is very Goat Simulator 3 – Event – Whack-A-Mole fashionable.

It’s also important to note how many tutorials you have to sit through and how much is thrown at you right away in the game. It really throws off the pacing when you have to read five pages of text about various status effects or specialized abilities before each encounter at the beginning of the game.

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