Childlike Innocence Tower of Fantasy

Childlike Innocence Tower of Fantasy: The new Childlike Innocence Tower Of Fantasy has already begun, and it will last for one week. The wanderers will be able to gather many rewards as well as the bubbles for cosmetics during this event that has the purity of a child.

Here is the complete guide and information for the Childlike Innocence event in the Tower of Fantasy, along with a list of all the rewards you can exchange for them using the event’s currency, bubbles.

The Vera 2.0 update in Tower of Fantasy is now online, therefore the hotta studio team has chosen to launch this brand-new event with youthful purity and special incentives for every traveller. In essence, this is a bubble exchange event for collecting all of the game’s awards and cosmetics.

The Mi-a companion is likewise the subject of the event’s infantile purity, while the girl is the subject of the rewards. To participate in this event from Tower of Fantasy which celebrates innocence as a child, you must first finish all the tutorial chapters. After that, you can go to Tower of Fantasy’s event tab and begin playing right away.

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Childlike Innocence Tower of Fantasy

Childlike Innocence Tower Of Fantasy Event Details – Know It Here:

As we already mentioned, the focus of the event is gathering Tower of Fantasy bubbles in order to exchange them for a variety of accessories and cosmetics. Here is a list of all the current Tower of Fantasy event activities that you can play.

  • Bounty Missions (10 Bubbles)
  • Joint Operations (10 Bubbles for each chest)
    Opening Boss Chests (15 Bubbles per purple chest, 2 Bubbles per blue chest)
  • Void Rift (20 Bubbles for each)
  • Frontier Clash (5 Bubbles for the normal mode and 10 Bubbles for the hard)
  •  Raids (10 Bubbles for the Normal level, 20 for Hard level)

You can get all of these bubbles every day if you complete all of the childish innocence event challenges from Tower of Fantasy. You might get 400 to 800 bubbles on the first day of this event celebrating childish innocence, and ultimately up to 2000 bubbles. Let’s look at the Tower of Fantasy event rewards with a childlike innocence.

Start participating in the event and collecting the bubbles to receive some amazing cosmetics and rewards from Tower of Fantasy. Additionally, these childlike innocence event challenges are so easy from Tower of Fantasy that even a novice or player who has just started playing the game will be eligible to win it easily.

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All Childlike Innocence Tower Of Fantasy Event Rewards:

  • Mi-a’s Children’s Day Voice Pack
  • Red Nucleus x3
  • Joint Supply Chip I x3
  • Starry Glasses
  • Naughty Trails Avatar Frame
  • Elemental Ore Shard Box x 10
  • SR Relic Shard Box x20 x20
  • Grayspace Scriptures x 3 ( Wanderer Level 74+)
  • Floating Paradise Avatar Frame

All of these event gifts, which are given to all Tower of Fantasy travellers and wanderers, can be readily obtained by clicking on the limited-time reward store area page.

You must also accept the Mi-a chat voice pack from the Hotta Studio team’s email in order to obtain the Mi-a voice pack. You can currently fully take advantage of this brand-new event from the Tower of Fantasy game, which is being held until November 22nd, 2022 for all players and fans.


This concludes our discussion of the Tower of Fantasy event’s youthful innocence. The release date, rewards, tasks, and challenges for the Tower of Fantasy event’s innocent-as-a-child theme are all now known.

For one week, you can participate in this new event on Tower of Fantasy. Keep checking back for additional developments from our OP side. Follow OP on social media to stay up to date on all the latest gaming news and information. Watch this space for additional e-Sports content and articles.

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