9 Cooking Games that Will Make You Drool!

Eating is not just for survival, for many of us, it is one of the greatest pleasures of life. Since food holds such an important position in everyone’s life it is only natural for cooking to hold a prominent position in pop culture. There have been many shows, movies, and even web series around cooking so how can the gaming world stay behind? Over the years we have seen many fun cooking games that you can play on your Android or iOS devices.

But cooking games are not just outlets of entertainment, there are also benefits of playing cooking games. That being said, let’s get on with the list of games that will definitely make you drool.

Virtual Families: Cook Off 

The first game on our list is Virtual Families: Cook-off. It is a time management cooking game that is really fun and can get challenging from time to time. All you have to do is manage your time to beat the dinner dash, but what sets this game apart is the narrative this game follows.

You are helping your family gather funds so they can flip their house. So you are helping them to reach their goal through your backyard restaurant. Keep serving out lip-smacking dishes until you reach your goal.

Soda Cola Juice Maker

What can be more refreshing than a chilled soda or maybe a glass of freshly squeezed juice? But have wondered what it would be like to mix different flavors and come up with a unique flavor of your own, well Soda Cola Juice Maker lets you do exactly that. You can make slushies and exotic carbonated juices with your favorite fruits. Yup, apple, mango, orange, strawberry, grapes, cherries, and many more.

In this game, you will have a never-ending list of ingredients to choose from. Be as creative as you want and mix your favorite flavors, and then garnish your drink and serve.

Pizza Maker

Take your love for pizza to another level with Pizza Maker. You can make the pizza of your dreams with all the toppings you love, and if your pizza-making journey takes a weird turn it’s fine. There will be no judgments on what topping you put on your pizza. From shrimps to eggs you can add whatever fancies you.

When you’re happy with how your pizza looks, just bake it. Put your pizza in the oven and wait for the crust to get baked. But there is another reason I love this game. Unlike many games out there you can play this game offline, that’s why I think this game is perfect while you are commuting.

Zombie Cafe

Zombies have ruled the gaming world with many titles, and the realm of cooking games is no different. Zombie Cafe is a simulation game where you have to run your cafe. It’s just that all your employees are zombies. This game may deceive you at first, just cook different dishes and serve them to your customers and gain experience.

This game is much more layered, for example, if your energy levels drop too low the zombies will attack your customers. Now getting your customers eaten can’t be good right? So you have to be strategic about how you move forward in the game. So do you want to run your own Zombie Cafe?

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My Cafe

My Cafe is a restaurant simulation game and your sole goal in this game is to grow your cafe into a big restaurant. You will have to strategize and develop a plan for the growth of your cafe. You can decorate your cafe as you wish to attract more customers. You will need to choose what you will be serving to your customers because, in the end, the food will bring back your customers.

You will also need to hire staff for your cafe, but only hiring won’t cut it; you’ll need to train them as well. In this game, you have full control from hiring staff to set the food prices. If you haven’t played this game you should really give it a go.

Star Chef 2

Want to be a culinary master? Then Star Chef 2 is the game for you. Star Chef 2 is a cooking and restaurant management game where you will cook, bake and grill your way to the top of the culinary world. You can unlock many unique stations and master more than 200 recipes. Like everyone else, you will start with a humble soup station and work your way up to the top of the culinary mountain. That is not all, Star Chef 2 keeps bringing seasonal updates that have season-specific terrains and decors.

The seasonal updates are like a breath of fresh air and I always keep my eyes peeled for the next one. The game also has something for everyone with its various game modes, so if you haven’t tried this game yet you really should play it once to experience everything the game has to offer. You can play this game on your Android and iOS device.

My Burger Shop 2

You run the hottest fast food joint in the cooking game town and it’s lunchtime! People are lining up to try your delicious hamburgers and cheeseburgers, but you have to keep the pace and make sure everyone leaves happy and full. Everyone likes their burgers in their own way, some want extra cheese, some pickles, and some may want onions so make sure you serve the burger to your customers. As you progress in the game the game will get more challenging and if you are up for the challenge this game will be perfect for you.

Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Cook, Serve, delicious! Is a simulation game that follows a strong narrative. In the center of the game is an old worn down restaurant and you are the one who is responsible for turning everything around. You will start with a limited number of recipes and your goal would be to grow your restaurant and bring back the glory it once had. You will earn an in-game currency by serving your customers and using the currency to buy new recipes, equipment, and decorations.

But your approach needs to be very strategic and setting the menu is a crucial part of the game. You need to put interesting recipes on the menu to attract customers but then again you cannot repeat the same recipes or your customers will get bored. So finding the right formula to get people in the restaurant is the most fun aspect of the game.

Sushi Roll 3D

If all you want to do is sushi and chill then this is the game for you. So, slice your fish and roll away because the more sushi you roll the more you earn. Make sure you put the right amount of ingredients in your sushi, no one likes sushi with little to no fish. Also, you need to avoid any unwanted ingredients in your sushi as well, no one wants a thumbtack in their food. So if making sushi was always your calling then step up and start slicing.

There are many cooking games that have left an impact in the gaming realm and as we move forward it’s really fun to see more cooking games coming into the market with more layers. The cooking game genre is surely evolving and it will be exciting to see what the future holds for this genre.

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