New World Weapon XP Farm Brimstone – Complete Details

New World Weapon XP Farm: One of the most intriguing weapon systems in any MMORPG is undoubtedly the one in New World. Players are free to use any weapons they want thanks to a system created by Amazon Games, which allows for a variety of builds and playstyles that are individual to each player. Even though one or two weapons are somewhat overpowered, almost every weapon has a use in the game overall.

Almost every weapon may seem respectable, especially once you master it to about level seven. By then, you’ll probably have the three weapon skills you wish to utilise, as well as one or two upgrades and a passive. While that’s sufficient to get things started, some weapons don’t reach their full potential until much later. You must farm out weapon mastery experience if you truly want to maximise the potential of your weapon. Here, we cover how to level weapons quickly in the New World.

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New World Weapon XP Farm
New World Weapon XP Farm Brimstone

How to level New World weapons fast:

Particularly early in the game, you really don’t need much experience to advance a weapon to mastery level 5. But before long, you’ll see that your skill with weapons is advancing slowly. The likelihood is that the weapon mastery level is equal to your level or exceeds that of the current foes. That implies that weapon mastering was intended to be a tedious process by Amazon Games. Thankfully, we’ll show you how to quickly level New World weapons for your level range.

Weapon catch up:

You can quickly advance through the early levels of weapon mastery by striking foes of higher levels, which grants more base weapon XP. It is the fastest way to quickly level up your New World weaponry. Additionally, weapon scaling is influenced by your character’s traits, so assaults with light or heavy weapons will still deal decent damage to higher-level enemies.

Of course, if you’re switching completely to a new sort of weapon, this assumes that you respect to the weapon’s attribute focus. A complete character attribute reset is necessary, for example, when switching from a Fire Staff to a Warhammer. Additionally, higher-level players can still make use of the following strategies for quickly leveling New World weaponry.

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The major story of New World includes expeditions, and your first introduction to an expedition necessitates that five players enter the Amrine Expedition around level 25. Up to level 55, when you can access two additional two-level 60 end-game dungeons, you get to play a new instanced dungeon every 10 levels.

You and a group of four other players can continually enter and kill creatures for targeted loot in these instanced expeditions. The fact that these excursions are full of skilled foes is a plus. It implies that you can practice using weapons more often without competing with others. Furthermore, compared to typical outdoor stuff, you’ll gain a lot more character and weapon experience per hour if you can set up efficient runs.

You will gain less and less experience when you start to out-level the material, forcing you to move on to different topics. Fortunately, there are elite outdoor places in the open world that provide opportunities to find boss treasure, chests, and common elites.

Elite areas:

Some of the most hazardous regions in the game are found in New World’s elite zones. They provide players the opportunity to organize groups and battle armies of elite foes in an open environment. They provide a great experience and have a chance to drop blue-quality tier weapons, which is the best thing about them. The rarity of the chests or a boss mob’s loot table does affect the blue item drops, though.

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