How To Hunt A Glowing Loot Animal Fortnite

How To Hunt A Glowing Loot Animal Fortnite: It won’t be difficult, but it will take time to complete this particular Fortnite challenge. Even though glowing prize animals are not overly uncommon in the game, they are also not particularly common.

Fortunately, those who succeed will receive 20,000 experience points from Epic Games. Even newbies won’t have any trouble figuring things out because it combines exploration and a little bit of battle.

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How To Hunt A Glowing Loot Animal Fortnite
How To Hunt A Glowing Loot Animal Fortnite

A step-by-step guide on how to hunt a glowing loot animal in Fortnite:

Land on a part of the island that has many loot animals:

Players must land on an area of the island with a lot of wildlife in order to begin this challenge. Despite this, different matches will have different luminous loot animal spawn probabilities. However, locating a few shouldn’t be difficult.

Tainted Towers, Lustrous Lagoon, and the desert biome are a few decent locations to find them. Players will need to gather materials before deciding to adopt Ace Ventura’s persona. Before starting a hunt, it’s a good idea to land in or close to one of the aforementioned areas and prepare.

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Stay on the lookout for glowing crows and chickens:

The next phase is to locate luminous chickens and crows after getting ready. Crows constantly move across the map and don’t have set spawn points. On the other hand, chickens spawn in and close to the aforementioned areas.

However, finding a glowing crow will be simpler than finding a glowing chicken. Fortunately, there is only one glowing loot animal that needs to be hunted for the challenge. It’s for the best considering how laborious the work is.

 After finding the glowing loot animal, take careful aim and eliminate it:

Players must approach glowing treasure animals carefully after locating them, whether they are crows or chickens. If they make a mistake, they’ll be gone before firearms can be drawn and fired.

From a distance is the greatest technique to get rid of them. The solution is to use a sniper rifle or a Cobra DMR. A single shot will be sufficient to eliminate them and complete the challenge due to their low HP pool.

Claim the loot and carry on with the match:

The only thing left to do is pick up the loot and carry on with the match when the glowing loot animal has been defeated. A player’s chances of success and the glowing treasure animal’s rarity will determine whether an epic or legendary weapon is available. Ideally, it complements the player’s playstyle and gives them a competitive advantage.


Having said that, it should be noted that some loot sharks also qualify as glowing loot creatures. It’s not worth fighting them to finish this challenge, though, given their HP pool and the fact that they are quite aggressive. However, if players are up to it, they can also finish the challenge by taking out a luminous loot shark.

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