How to Emote Outside Bao Bro’s Bunker Fortnite

How to Emote Outside Bao Bro’s Bunker: In Fortnite, emotes are really important. In fact, Epic Games is encouraging gamers to emote outside Bao Bros’ Bunker this week. Although it’s not entirely clear why the opportunity to earn 20,000 experience points is a sufficient incentive to finish the mission.

How to Emote Outside Bao Bro's Bunker:
How to Emote Outside Bao Bro’s Bunker

With that said, finishing this challenge ought to be rather simple and simple. Even while there might be some fighting, it shouldn’t be excessively difficult for newbies to handle.

How to emote in Fortnite outside Bao Bro’s Bunker: A Step-by-Step Guide:

1) Touch down at the Ridgeline Ranger Station

Landing just at the Ridgeline Ranger Station landmark is the very first step in achieving this challenge. Land on Loot Lake’s eastern shore and search for a number of war-damaged structures to find it quickly.

Traveling west from Golden Crossroads, crossing the river, and stopping at the lake’s shore are some simple ways to locate it. Before getting off the Battle Bus, it is advised that players note the position on their map to make finding it simpler.

2) Scan the area for loot, prepare, and secure it.

2) Search for loot, arm yourself, and secure the Once just on the ground, players should arm themselves. Although it is not a contested area, the area is a popular early-game drop-spot for players because of its closeness to Loot Lake.

That so, whoever succeeds in getting to the landmark early should have little trouble handling it. Locking the area won’t take very long because there isn’t much room for movement and there are just two ziplines that are utilized for quick rotation. area

3) Enter the building housing Bao Bros’ Bunker, then descend the stairs.

  • Locating Bao Bros’ Bunker is the next step after the area has been made secure. Finding it may become difficult because the POI consists of four different structures. Having stated that, Bao Bros’ Bunker is in the structure that is closest to the edge.

It is painted in red paint, which should help you recognize it visually. Gamers must look for steps once they are inside the structure in order to drop and reach Bao Bros’ Bunker.

4) Emote as close to the vault entrance as you can.

Players must perform an emote ahead of Bao Bros’ Bunker once it is in view in order to accomplish the challenge. The challenge can complete and the XP reward is give by performing any emote for one second.

Remember that speaking with Bao Bros. or opening the vault (Bao Bros.’ Bunker) does not require the discovery of a vault key. They do not contribute to the challenge and do not provide bonus XP.


>With the Grapple Glider, glide 250 meters in one motion 

The Grapple Glider can obtain from chests or as floor treasure. Go to the highest point you can reach, probably Rave Cave, to finish the mission. Once your glider deploys after you shoot yourself from the summit with the grapple, glide as far as possible can from that point.

>Fly around a Chrome Vortex for ten seconds after driving into one 

The Chrome Tornado that you can see circling the map is the Chrome Vortex. Drive a car into it and let the Vortex take care of the rest.

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