Dragon Kite Not Showing up WOW – Fix Now

Dragon Kite Not Showing up WOW: The World of Warcraft team has announced that, in conjunction with the Dragonflight pre patch and release, special in-game item drops will be made available to viewers of qualified Twitch streams throughout the course of the next two months. This is the first time that awards other than titles may be gained by watching live WoW streams, even though Twitch drops are nothing new for Blizzard because Hearthstone has been doing them for a while. This time, you’ll need to watch streams for several hours over the course of the promotion, but the rewards are well worth the time. In contrast to the recent partnership with Amazon Prime Gaming, which only required connecting accounts and clicking a button three times to obtain retired transmog helms, the rewards this time are much more valuable.

The Feldrake mount is the main draw of this campaign. It was originally exclusive to the long-defunct trading card game and wasn’t even offered in the Black Market Auction House. For the past few years, the only way to get one was to spend a lot of money on eBay. Along with the mount, the promotion will also unlock two pets (one new, the other previously exclusive to the TCG and BMAH), a toy that was previously only accessible through the trading card game, and other items.

Dragon Kite Not Showing up WOW
Dragon Kite Not Showing up WOW

Connect Dragon Kite Not Showing Up:

It’s a simple process that only needs you to enter into Twitch and then visit your Battle.net settings, but if you use one, keep your Battle.net Authenticator close at hand.

  • Enter your Twitch login information.
  • the Battle.net Connections pane should be opened. You will be asked to log into your Battle.net account if you aren’t already.
  • Click +Connect after finding the Twitch option by scrolling.
  • Observe the directions.
  • Check out the streams.
  • Before a Twitch account may be linked to your Battle.net account, some users have claimed that it must be active for at least seven days. However. Other users have not experienced that problem. Thus it’s conceivable that this is no longer the case.

Drops-enabled Twitch channels are identified by a “Drops Enabled” notice next to the stream category. The Twitch Drops Inventory tab. Which regularly changes with how close you are to earning the drop. It is an excellent place to keep track of your progress.

When you have completed the required amount of watching. A clickable message letting you know that your drop is ready to be claimed will appear in the stream chat. Alternatively. You can claim it via the Drops Inventory page. At that point. You’ll get a confirmation that you’ve received it. And you can always go back and review your successful acquisition later by visiting the Drops Inventory page.


Dragon Kite Wow Rewards:

The Dragon Kite pet. Which was previously exclusively accessible from the TCG or the Black Market Auction House. will be the first Twitch drop you can get your hands on. You must watch at least four hours of Dragonflight pre-patch material between November 15 at 3 PM PST (23:00 GMT) and November 18 at 11 PM PST (7 AM GMT) in order to get it.

The Feldrake will be made accessible in the following Twitch drop-in time for Dragonflight’s November 28 global release (3 pm PST, 23:00 GMT). A minimum of four hours of Dragonflight streams must be watched on Twitch in order to win the mount. And its availability ends on December 1 at 11:59 p.m.

The Perpetual Purple Firework toy, a TCG item with a twist, is the final Twitch drop this round. It was formerly exclusively attainable with UDE points. Which were removed after Cryptozoic bought the licence from Upper Deck in 2010. In addition. The price was absurdly high in comparison to succeeding items. Necessitating the purchase of $75 in booster packs in order to accumulate enough UDE points for redemption. Since it can no longer be redeemed in the game. Unlike the Feldrake or Dragon Kite. This item might potentially be the rarest TCG item to drop from Twitch. It is also the simplest of the three drops to obtain. Requiring only two hours of viewing time spread over a fortnight.

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