New World Turkey Terror Event 2022, Guide Rewards and More

New World Turkey Terror Event: 1.7.2, a new patch, will soon be released for New World. The return of the New World Turkey event is most crucial. The start date, rewards, crafting recipe, location of the Turkey boss, and farming advice are all covered in this New World Turkey Terror event guide 2022.

New World Thanksgiving Event Guide 2022:

If this is your first New World Thanksgiving event and you’re new to the game. A big Zerg of people will be used to defeat a giant turkey that spawns all across the map, much like on Halloween. But last year, this guy dropped a turkey, which may be used to make prison food. In 2022 in New World, we can’t wait to see if they’ve changed anything about this Thanksgiving celebration. But even if not, it’s still pretty cool. Following the conclusion of the Thanksgiving event, you can make a tonne of New World gold.

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 New World Turkey Terror Event
New World Turkey Terror Event

New World Turkey Terror Event Rewards:

1. Feast-o-Plenty Food Trophy

What is exciting is the New World Turkey Terror 2022, the new trophy that has been lingering on the New World database for a while. It inspires you when you eat a meal. Only works when placed in your home. And it grants +25% Food Buff Time when you eat beneficial food. This trophy can be obtained from the mighty Turkulon, Feathered Avenger of Death.

2. Monstrous Turkey Leg

The leg of a monstrous, murderous turkey. Its deliciousness has surely been applie by its size and the rage of the bird it came from. Use this to cook a Roasted Monstrous Turkey Dinner. This isn’t a guaranteed drop that you get from Turkey boss.

Ingredient Types: Tier 5 Meats, Raw Meats, Raw Foods, Tier 5 Raw Foods.

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New World Turkey Terror Crafting Recipes:

This gigantic turkey leg is require for a brand-new dish call roast gargantuan turkey supper. The constitution is raised by 1 and 0.15 is applied for 40 minutes. Your health gradually improves as a result of these benefits. This item’s potency now changes depending on your level. It’s ridiculous if you’re level 60 because eating one of these meals gives you a plus 33 constitution and a plus 5% luck for 40 minutes. The following ingredients are needed to make this recipe:

  • 1 x Monstrous Turkey Leg
  • 5 x Potato
  • 3 x Cooking Oil
  • 1 x Parsley
  • 1 x Sage
  • 1 x Rosemary
  • 2 x Thyme

New World Turkey Terror Boss Locations:

The next image, which is shown by the turkey icon, is where this large fowl from the New World can truly spawn. Start farming if you want the genuine stuff you may obtain, which is retailing for slightly over a thousand gold coins. People are essentially selling the formula itself for two thousand gold coins.

New World Turkey Terror Event Tips:

During the New World 1.7.2 Turkey event, Turkulon is appearing all over the place. It’s at level 66 and is utterly enormous. However, beating it won’t take a team of three or four more than five to ten minutes. You shouldn’t experience any difficulties if you have a healer.

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