How to Share Match Results in BGMI PUBG

How to Share Match Results in BGMI: In PUBG Mobile, keeping track of gameplay statistics and match outcomes reveals much more than just bragging rights over your friends. Working your way up the tier ladder requires knowing where to obtain this data and how to use it for learning.

Every shot fired and every kilometer traveled during every completed play is logged by PUBG Mobile, allowing you to review and evaluate your match performance from the previous 30 days. In one of the top Android games, you may analyze how each match’s performance affects your ranking score in addition to celebrating your victories.

Additionally, the game does a wonderful job of assembling all of your personal information from each season and server into a useful graph that contrasts your career combat and survival record. Here’s how to navigate PUBG Mobile‘s match results without getting lost.

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How to Share Match Results in BGMI
How to Share Match Results in BGMI

How to find and read your statistics:

PUBG Mobile does an excellent job of accumulating your numbers, but unlike the in-game shop, it does not provide you immediate access to them from the home screen. You may view all of your profile information by tapping your profile image, but for the sake of this article, we’ll be concentrating on the bottom two tabs, Statistics and Career Results.

The statistics page will resemble the results page you see after each match, with the exception that all of your statistics for Solo, Duo, and Squad classic matches as well as your individual bests for kills per match, survival time, and headshot accuracy are compiled here. At the conclusion of each season, you may find your final stats here. Let’s dissect each section of the statistics page so you can quickly read it and decide which stats to pay attention to.

The statistic parameters are set at the top row. You should pay extra attention to those drop-down boxes if you frequently move between playing TPP and FPP. Enjoy playing on several game servers to ensure you’re viewing the correct numbers. Your “stats at a glance” are listed below that. They include your overall player rating, matches played, wins, top 10 finishes, kills, and the ever-popular kill-to-death ratio. The information that a clan or tournament organizer will likely find most valuable is this.

A graph that quickly demonstrates how well-rounded you are as a player is included below that. Along with more thorough information for your typical match performances. Play frequently and concentrate on living the longest if you want the greatest numbers. The game calculates your overall rating by adding your entire survival rating but only 20% of your kill rating. Your survival rating is based on how long you survive matches. How many people die around you, whether or not you’re the one killing them? When you review your career results, this will become more obvious.

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What can you learn from your match stats?

You can determine your PUBG Mobile strengths and weaknesses by looking at your gameplay data and match results. Focusing on stealth tactics is your best chance. If you’re wanting to rank up quickly because it’s important to keep in mind. That making it through the late game is much more crucial than getting the most kills.

At the conclusion of each season, it’s also worthwhile to review your statistics. If all you want to do is boast about your prowess. You can share your data from just about every screen.

You can compete against up to 99 other players in the free-to-play battle royale shooter known as PUBG Mobile. It’s one of the best games you can play on Android, offering a wide variety of levels and game styles.

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