How To Get Whiplash In Rocket League

How To Get Whiplash In Rocket League: Beyond Sovereign Heights, to islands far from the Soccer Arena, Octane is traveling at a rapid pace. Whiplash, meanwhile, debuts on the field in Rocket League and Rocket League Sideswipe as part of High Octane starting today.
Want to give your garage a fresh whip? The ideal vehicle for your upcoming match is Whiplash, so look no further. Finish High Octane Quests to get a variety of Items in Rocket League and Rocket League Sideswipe starting now until December 3. Whiplash (Breakout Hitbox), a set of Whiplash Wheels, and four iconic Whiplash Decals (Flames, Stripes, Wings, and Lightning) may be obtained if you successfully complete 8 out of 12 quests. Unsure where to begin? To begin fulfilling quests, go to the Rocket League Live island.

Get Whiplash In Rocket League
Get Whiplash In Rocket League

In Fortnite version 22.40, Octane has arrived on the Island! Rocket League’s renowned Octane car has rocketed into Fortnite Battle Royale and Zero Build as part of the “High Octane” celebration. (Since version 22.10, developers have been using Octane to increase the playability on their islands!) Meanwhile, Rocket League and Rocket League Sideswipe are both using the Whiplash car from Fortnite.

In comparison to other vehicles in Fortnite, Octane is unique. This rocket-powered vehicle has the power to climb walls, fly, and accelerate to supersonic speeds. Octane can do aerial maneuvers like double jumping and dodging to swiftly traverse difficult terrain. These manoeuvres may easily outmanoeuvre entire squads with enough skill; just make sure you don’t run out of boost!

Rocket League Whiplash Rewards:

Finish High Octane Quests for Fortnite to earn experience points and in-game goodies from now until December 3, 2022, at 10 AM ET. Additionally, finish all eight of the Rocket League and Rocket League Sideswipe quests for in-game goods! You will use Octane in Battle Royale and Zero Build in some of the Quests, and you will jump into islands in the “High Octane” Discover row, which showcases the chosen entries from creators participating in the Octane Callout.

For the High Octane celebration, Fortnite and Rocket League have added new vehicles to each game. You may perform a number of challenges within Fortnite to unlock a number of things during this High Octane event, which is a collaboration between Fortnite and Rocket League. The renowned Octane car from Rocket League has sped into Zero Build and Fortnite Battle Royale.

As long as your Epic account is connected to both Rocket League and Fortnite, all you have to do to participate in the Rocket League Whiplash event is enter Fortnite and complete the challenges; once you enter Rocket League, this should appear on your Rocket League account.

Whiplash Rocket League Update:

There have been a number of crossover events between Fortnite and Rocket League over the years, but nothing has brought the largest games from Epic Games together like their most recent one.

Players can now locate the recognisable Octane battle car from Rocket League in Fortnite’s High Octane event and manoeuvre around the area by driving, jumping, flipping, and even boosting.

In-game tasks for both games’ cosmetics are also available throughout the event. So it’s not just fun to evade foolish opponents. Fortnite players who complete eight quests will receive a variety of Rocket League-themed gear, including the sweet “Clutch Victory” pickaxe, the head of which is a winged steering wheel emblazoned with the Rocket League logo and a banner that reads “Champion,” as well as four different types of skateboard “back bling.”

Of course, the Whiplash car from Fortnite and the Rocket League cosmetics that go with it are the most alluring reward for Rocket League players. Eight of the Fortnite quests with an Octane theme must be completed in order to obtain this stylish, retro vehicle.

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