Path to Nowhere Automate Production Building – Complete Details

Path to Nowhere Automate Building: One Thing that Players Should Be Aware of Is that Nox Will Be an S-Tier Unit That They Will Be Able to Acquire. But It Will Take Quite a Deal of Farming and Grinding Since She Is a Unit that Is Well Renowned for Being Highly Beginner Friendly.

In Order to Proceed with The Main Plot. The Players Must First Navigate to The Discity Tab on Their Home Screen and Proceed with The Material There. For Them to Access the Quest, They Must Complete Story Stages 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, and 1-3 as well as 1-5 and Sd-01 and Sd-02 in Addition to Moving Through Chapter One.

Path to Nowhere Automate Building
Path to Nowhere Automate Building

Players Will Have to Navigate the Imprint Point System, Which Is a Pretty Complicated System, in order to Grind for Nox. To Obtain Nox. Players Must Have 65 Total Imprint Points on Their Hands; Prior to This, They Will Not Be Able to Do So.

Mission Completion Is the Basis for Earning These Imprint Points, and The More Missions Players Complete, the Simpler It Will Be for Them to Meet Nox. From The Time They Unlock the Function. Players Will Have a Total of 13 Days and 15 Hours to Earn These 65 Points; Otherwise, They Will Lose the Opportunity. There Will Be a Total of Seven Rewards Available in The Points After You Have Earned Five Imprint Points. Which Will Be Distributed Over a 10-Point Gap.

The Ability to Call and Hold One’s Own Sinners from The Gacha Is Granted to Players Once They Have Obtained Their First Five Imprint Points. or “arrest Warrants.”

Following That, You Can Obtain a New Warrant when You Accumulate 15 Imprint Points, Another One when You Accumulate 25 Imprint Points, and So Forth.

Path to Nowhere Automate 3 Production Buildings:

The Extremely Quick Chief’s Seal. This Is Simply an Avatar Frame and May Be Used to Surround Your Level that Is Present in The Top Left of Your Screen. Can Be Obtained by Players After They Reach Their Next 35 Points. Which Are Then Available to Them.

As a result, when You Reach 45 Imprints and 55 Imprints, You Can Obtain Another Arrest Warrant. Finally, when You Reach 65 Imprint Points, You Are Awarded Your Own Nox.

As for The Missions Themselves, They Basically Consist of Those that Will Get Accomplished as You Move Through the Main Material and Play the Game for A While. They Will Be Divided Into 7 Days and Will Be Broken Down Into Smaller Tasks.

Your First Day of The Game Will Be One of The Most Significant Days, and The Objectives Will Reflect That.
Aside from Giving Players Their Very Own 10000 Mania Essence, Which Is Necessary to Level up Your Sinners. The Missions Also Require that They Achieve Level 15 on Their First Day. Which Will Happen Organically if You Finish the First Chapter and Move Deeper Into Chapter Two.

Path to Nowhere Updates:

The Player’s Next Task Is to Level up Any One Sinner’s Shackles. Shackles Are Known to Be Enhancements that Are Provided to Sinners Once You Obtain a Duplicate of Them. Activating One Shackle Will Award the Player with A Total of 30 Low-Level Material Supply Crates. Another Task Requires the Player to Level up A Minimum of Six Sinners to The Level of 20. Bringing Them to Their First Phase Cap. Which They Must Pass in Order to Level Them up Further. The Rewards for Completing This Task Is 10,000 Mania Essence.

Other Goals Include Getting a Single Sinner to Comply with 10% of The Rules Overall. Which Will Earn Them 10,000 Coins.

You Will Have One More Mission that Requires You to “arrest” 10 Sinners Through the Gacha System. Completing This Mission Will Get You 10,000 Coins. Additionally, Sending a Message in The Global World Chat Will Earn You 10,000 Coins.

After Then. the Majority of The Tasks Will Be Quest-Locked. Such as Raising Anyone’s Principal Skill to Level 2. Which Can Only Be Unlocked After Finishing Re1–9, or Sending One Buddy to Help. Which Can Only Be Done After Finishing Re1-2 but Receives 10,000 Mania Essence. All of The First-Day Missions Will Award You with Imprints that Fill up On the Bar. and The Final Day One Mission Including Having Five Friends and Finishing The One Interrogation.

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