Fortnite Map Changes Updates V22.40 Fortnite

Fortnite Map Changes Updates V22.40 Fortnite: The Class Selector UI and D-Launcher devices for makers, together with the Dial-A-Drop and Grapple Glider objects to incorporate in your experiences, are all part of the v22.40 upgrade. This update also includes other upgrades and bug fixes, as well as the Big Battle mode, which allows you to design your own Battle Royale Island.

Class Selector Ui Device:

The Class Selector UI device can add a new tab to the Map screen of the game as well as a popup dialogue that lists the classes that players can select from. You can either require players to select a class when they spawn or you can let them switch classes while they’re playing. You can set a channel option to activate the popup dialogue during the game, or you can allow players to change their class by opening the Map screen and selecting a new class by configuring device options.

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Fortnite Map Changes Updates V22.40 Fortnite
Fortnite Map Changes Updates V22.40 Fortnite


With the aid of this device, players can request a vehicle, supply, or health drop be sent to their position. Per island experience, a maximum of five vehicle drops are permitted. When the limit is reached, the count will show “Unavailable” in the user interface.

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Introducing Big Battle, a new mode! From the Discover screen, you may access the mode created by Epic. However, you can also make your own “Big Battle” by using the brand-new Battle Royale Island tools found in Creative! In this mode, the first phase of the Storm has already been finished when two teams of 40 players are given standardised loadouts and sent into battle right away. The loot in the item pool has a rarity of Rare or higher, and the Storm moves quickly. On your own Battle Royale Island, try out the action-packed Zero Build, large team mode.


  • We have improved the Octane’s audio visualizer icon for better readability.
  • We have improved collision consistency between Octane, other vehicles, and terrain.
  • Octane now supports driving forward and backwards with a controller’s left stick, like other spawned vehicles in Creative.
  • Octane can now briefly drive while in water, like other spawned vehicles.
  • Octane will now slide down walls if the player is not accelerating, mirroring its functionality in Rocket League.


  • Fixed an issue where cutting and pasting a device in Create mode rename the device.
  • Fixed an issue where unknown device entries could not be delete.
  • Fixed an issue on Xbox where event bindings could not be remove from devices.


  • Fixed an issue where Conditional Button devices only displayed the last three digits of the stack size in the Customize panel options.
  • Fixed an issue with the Creature Manager device where options with Don’t Override values could not reset to default after they were change.
  • Fix an issue where the Firefly Spawner device did not display Events or Functions even after being convert to the event bindings system.
  • Fixed an issue with the Guard Spawner device, where the Invulnerable value for some device options was not working.
  • Fixed an issue where the End Game device did not recognize the Winning Team option’s value.

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