Tower Of Fantasy Out Of Video Memory

Tower Of Fantasy Out Of Video Memory:

Tower Of Fantasy Out Of Video Memory: Follow our tutorial for some potential remedies if you found any memory leaks in your system while playing Tower of Fantasy.
Tower of Fantasy has recently been plagued by severe memory leaks for owners of Nvidia RTX graphics cards. The Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology from Nvidia is responsible for this error.
Although there aren’t many options, we’ll discuss two potential and simple fixes below. Nevertheless, it is true that they are not the best.

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Tower Of Fantasy Out Of Video Memory

Turn Off DLSS:

While playing Tower of Fantasy, DLSS can be easily disabled if you’re ready to give up its advantages by doing the following:

Navigate to the game’s primary menu.
Decide on “Settings.”
Select the “Display” tab.
Change the DLSS enabler’s setting to “OFF.”
You should immediately stop any memory leaks in your system with this straightforward move, although you might or might not notice any changes to the visual quality of the game.

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Install the newest version of DLSS:

Players of Tower of Fantasy can install the most recent Nvidia DLSS libraries if they do not want to disable DLSS. What you should do is as follows:

Visit the DLSS PowerUp website.
Download the most recent DLSS libraries.
Navigate to the “Tower of Fantasy Engine Plugins Runtime Nvidia DLSS Binaries ThirdParty Win64” folder on your computer.
Delete the outdated “nvngx dlss.dll” file.
The new DLSS file should be copied and past into the folder before being unpacked.


Fix Memory Leak Error 7812021 Tower Of Fantasy:

The memory leak is broug on by out-of-date Nvidia DLSS and only occurs if DLSS is turn on. Simply turn off DLSS or update Nvidia DLSS to version to resolve this issue (or newer).

Here are the steps to fix the error 7812021 in the tower of fantasy:

The Windows key and the I key must be press first. You must select Apps in a similar manner. You must select the Optional Features button after selecting Apps.
The Add a feature option is located in the Optional Features. Click it next. Likely, you’ll need to go in the Optional Features for a graphics tool.
It must then be install and checked. You then need to press the Windows key while holding down the R key to close the window.
At this point, you must enter dxcpl by typing it and pressing Enter. When a prompt appears, you must also click OK.

Steps to resolve the out-of-video memory Tower Of Fantasy:

You must select Edit List in the new window after selecting OK on the request. You must conduct a search to locate the necessary files. The QRSL.exe and tof launcher.exe files must also search, too. Once you’ve located both files, you must select “Ok.” Then, make sure that Force On is selected in the DirectX Properties Window. The Feature level restriction must be set to 11 1 in the Device Settings, which are located further down. The box labelled “Disable Feature Level Upgrade” must now be checked. Finally, you need to restart your system by clicking on Apply the changes.

You can’t do much to resolve Error 2618 because it is a server error. Relaunching Tower of Fantasy is the best thing you can do. You might only have to wait till servers are less busy if the problem still occurs.

Playing the game on a separate server is another option. However, doing so has disadvantages of its own. The progression of the story, player level, and characters owned do not transfer to other servers. Change the region, type in your birthdate, and agree to the terms. The launcher’s escape button may found in the launcher’s upper right corner under the menu button. The error should vanish after we restart the game, choose my real location (Europe), and log in.

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