New World kelleher Farmstead Location

New World kelleher Farmstead Location:

New World kelleher Farmstead Location: There are many different plants in the Aeternum universe that can be harvested to make different kinds of herbs and other useful things. Garlic is one such component, and it can be difficult to locate in the wild. We’ll explain where to find garlic in New World in this tutorial so you can finish the missions for the Town Project Board fast and efficiently.

One of the main herbs you’ll need to farm for different cooking preparations is garlic. Understanding where to locate garlic in New World is crucial. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy pricey garlic at the Trading Post with your hard-earned money.

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New World kelleher Farmstead Location

Where to find Garlic in New World:

You can find garlic from herb plants in the Everfall region of the New World, where it was originally derived from herb plants. To obtain garlic in Everfall, you must find and harvest herb plants with a sickle. It can take you a few tries to find garlic because there is a chance that you’ll get it from a herb plant at random.

You can find Garlic in these three areas of Everfall in New World:

  1. Olcott Family Farm
  2. Stolen Shores
  3. Kelleher Farmstead

While searching for Garlic, you will also come across Basil and Sage, two other handy herbs in New World. So now that you know where to find Garlic in New World, what purpose does it serve?

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What is Garlic used for in New World:

Garlic is an ingredient requires for cooking the following recipes in New World:

  • Garlic Steak – Increase Strength by 6 and Dexterity by 4 for 25 minutes
  • Garlic Rosemary Poultry – Increase Intelligence by 6 and Dexterity by 4 for 25 minutes
  • Garlic Meat Rations – A batch of meat for the town’s stockpile

There are potentially many more recipes utilizing Garlic, but this is what I have discovered so far. Among these options, Garlic Meat Rations is most likely what you’re looking to make. This recipe is exclusive to the Town Project Board in different settlements.

It’s always advantageous to have reliable pals with you when entering unfriendly terrain, whether you’re exploring a dungeon full of homicidal creatures or are simply waiting in line at the DMV. Of course, shouting “HEY!” in front of a dungeon isn’t exactly helpful, so instead, you could try using the dungeon finding tool in New World. The New World dungeon finder is used as described below.

How to Use New World Dungeon Finder:

To swiftly and simply put together a team for one of the various Expeditions available in New World, use the dungeon finder, also known as the group finder, an in-game tool. It’s a useful tool for thoroughly vetting and choosing the right soldiers for the task in addition to locating potential cohorts.

Finding an Expedition’s entry is the first thing to do. You must have physically visited the dungeon at least once in order for the dungeon finder to work with any New World Expedition. Once you’ve done that, you may either use the Expedition icon on your world map or the entry to the Expedition to activate the dungeon finder. This allows you to instantly jump from anywhere in the globe to the dungeon finder menu of any Expedition.

Building a Group:

There should be a sizable “Find a Group” button at the bottom of the Expedition home screen. When you click that option, a list of all the active Lobbies for that Expedition will appear. Groups and lobbies aren’t always the same thing; when a lobbies is full with players, the owner will turn it into a group. But for the time being, it’s just a gathering spot with a confidential talk. Be aware that you must manually select the difficulty levels you want to use for a Mutated Expedition using the bar on your left.

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