New world Greatsword Hatchet Build

New world Greatsword Hatchet Build:

New world Greatsword Hatchet Build: With an equitable 80% damage scaling for both Strength and Dexterity, the Great Sword has been specially created to be an extremely adaptable weapon. Additionally, there is a special Stance system, which is covered in more detail below.

This guide’s main focus will be on some of the most entertaining weapon combinations and how this weapon might fit into some of the standard New World builds we’ve already discussed.

Although the Bow, Warhammer, Hatchet, and Sword and Shield are some potent weapon combinations we’ve already seen, the Great Sword is incredibly adaptable. The Great Sword is one of the first weapons in the game to scale equally with Strength and Dexterity, making this variant conceivable.

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New world Greatsword Hatchet Build

The Great Sword Stance System:

The Great Sword has two mastery trees, Onslaught and Defiance, just like other weapons in the game. But these trees also contain an additional mechanic: stances.

  • Onslaught: When you activate any skill in the Onslaught tree, you will gain the Onslaught Stance for 10 seconds. This means you will deal an extra 20% damage for 20 seconds, but also take an extra 20%. Heavy attacks also charge faster but cost 10 stamina.
  • Path of Defiance: Activate any skill in the Defiance tree, and you’ll gain the Path of Defiance Stance for 10 seconds. This means you’ll take 20% less damage, but you’ll also deal 20% less damage. Heavy attacks block incoming attacks.

So you can see that these two stances, which are divided into offence and defense, are primarily very simple. This gives you even more options for the type of build you want. Here are some of our current favourite combinations.

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Great Sword And Great Axe PVE Leveling Build:

So far, in New World, this offensive choice has stood out for PVE and levelling. The sustainability of the Great Sword and the utility of the Great Axe, especially AoE, are what make the Great Sword and Great Axe so intriguing.

Great Sword Trees, Abilities, and Masteries

  • Relentless Rush – This is a decently strong AoE ability that hits multiple enemies, but it’s the Adaptive Rush perk that makes it so strong. When you are in Defiance stance, the ability will heal you for 15% of the damage inflicted. This is great for soloing content.
  • To get into Defiance stance, you will need to take at least one ability in the Defiance tree. We recommended either Steadfast Strike (brings more sustain to the table with its life steal), or Roaring Rupture, for its AoE and Fortify.

Great Sword Tank Build:

Additionally, The Great Sword now offers a wider range of tank setups in the New World. The Sword, Shield, and Hatchet build has dominated the scene for the previous few months.

With the Great Sword’s defensive position, maybe, we’ll see some more inventive tanking strategies, such tanks that can deflect several hits while simultaneously doing a significant amount of damage in return.

  • You could run the Great Sword with the Sword and Shield. Blocking with the Great Sword and other abilities retain and rebuild Stamina, allowing you to block longer with the Shield.
  • Alternatively, you could pair the Great Sword with something else like the Hatchet, Warhammer, etc, based on the expedition/content you are trying to complete.

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